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Propress Steamers

Propress Steamers has enjoyed an unparalleled reputation among professionals for over 30 years.


Offering reliability, long-term value, unbeatable quality, and exceptional service, Propress has secured itself as a leader. As the best choice for long-term cost-effectiveness, Propress steamers save businesses money and provide peace of mind for top brands and event organisers whose own reputations are based on quality and reliability.


The company backs its garment steamers with an unrivalled level of service, and the team is proud of its products, and will continue to consistently meet the needs of all its clients.


Prices start from £349 + carriage + VAT.


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Propress Ltd, Unit 3 The Pavilions, London, SW19 1UW
+ 44 (0) 20 8417 0660


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