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10 Quickfire Questions for BSS by Safiyya Babayeva…

We catch up with BSS by Safiyya Babayeva ahead of London Bridal Fashion Week to find out everything there is to know about the stylish designer

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Safiyya Babayeva's new collection ahead of LBFW
Safiyya Babayeva's new collection ahead of LBFW

BSS by Safiyya Babayeva is a dynamic, ultra-glam brand that is making waves in the UK following its successful fashion show at The Harrogate Bridal Show 2018.

We fired 10 quick questions at brand ambassador Beyim Babayeva to find out more about the company and what it will be showing at London Bridal Fashion Week this March.

We were also lucky enough to get an exclusive preview of the latest designs, and we can’t wait to see the sketches come to life at LBFW!

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1. What’s the history of the brand?

BSS was launched in 2017 when Safiyya finished her education in Moscow and returned home. She opened the Couture Atelye and showed off her very first collection, Winter Snow Butterflies, to a resounding success.

The second collection, Spanish Night, was presented in the National Museum – it was a stunning display that looked as intriguing as an art installation. The next collection, Forest Fairies, was seen at The Harrogate Bridal Show in September 2018.

2. What would you say is your signature style, and what makes you stand out?

A manifestation of femininity! BSS stands out thanks to a unique mix of European and Oriental mentality.

3. How many pieces will you bring to LBFW?

There will be 28 pieces on display in total. This comprises 12 from the bridal collection, 12 couture gowns and four children’s couture pieces.

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4. Tell us a little more about the latest designs

A key trend to look out for is double breasted jackets and you will see this in bridal fashion, too.

For us, the main colours for the season ahead are green, gold and lilac. Plus, the celestial trend is still big news – there will be stars everywhere: white, grey, black, maybe deep red. Why? Because every woman is a star!

5. What inspired the latest collection?

The star-fall accidentally seen in the night sky of Baku.

6. How many stockists do you have in the UK?

We currently have three and we are looking forward to meeting more at LBFW.

7. And your RRP for UK retailers?

This starts at around £800 up to £4,000.

8. Any trend forecasts for the year ahead?

Dress-transformers. By this we mean gowns for the official part of the wedding, one for dinner and one for dancing. 3-in-1 styles.

9. What are you most excited about at LBFW in 2019?

The big chance given to all designers. Showing at LBFW is a route to success. You can touch the sky and understand your shortfalls, you can find your ideal retailers, and retailers can find the right supplier. Plus, it is a great place to receive advice from very kind and professional teams.

10. And finally, what advice do you have for retailers on buying at the show?

To work with new names!

Make sure you don’t miss this leading fashion event and register to London Bridal Fashion Week. Before you head to LBFW this year, make sure you read these top tips when taking your team to trade shows.

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