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5 tips for going live on social media

Digital communication is even more important than ever before. Consumers are looking for ways to stay connected with the brands they love. We asked’s Digital Content Editor, Zoë Burke for her top tips on going live. 

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Zoë has done hundreds of live videos to thousands of viewers, interviewing everyone from Spencer Matthews to Wendy Rivera, and here are the five things she thinks are invaluable when going live.

1) Get yourself a tripod

Making sure your phone is steady and in the right position will make a lot of difference to your stream. Someone else holding it will result in seasickness-inducing wobbles, and holding it yourself will result in arm-ache!

If you can’t get a tripod at the moment, build a little area that will keep your phone steady and stable.

2) Film with the screen facing you

This way you can see what you look like and respond to comments as they come in in real time.

It also makes starting and ending the video a bit smoother as you only need to lean forward, not nip behind your phone to turn it off.

3) Plan out what you’ll say beforehand

This is crucial! No one wants to watch minutes of waffle, even when there’s not much else to do.

Ask for questions beforehand so you can answer them, or write out the points you want to discuss and leave them somewhere you can see them clearly. This way you’ll stay on track and ensure an engaging broadcast.

4) Promote that you’re going live

It can be easy, especially if you’re nervous, to not want to make a big deal about it but the whole point is to engage with your audience, so make sure you have one!

If you promote it, you also have a good opportunity to ask people what they want to hear about. Remember, your audience is made up of your fans - they will enjoy hearing from you so don’t be nervous!

5) Do a test run

Record a non-live video of yourself and watch it back.

I know it’s painful (I hate doing it!) but it means you can assess the sound quality, how the area looks (is it light enough, is your background distracting?) and get rid of any issues before you hit ‘go live’.

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