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7 Business Boosters with Abi Neill

Abi Neill gives us her round up of business boosting ideas from her Bridal Buyer Facebook live, watch the full version here.

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Managing a successful bridal boutique requires masses of drive, enthusiasm, and a lot of hard work. The world of bridal shop ownership has changed vastly over the years and sometimes (even for the savviest of retailers) it is hard to keep up never mind staying ahead. With the year that we have had many would agree that we could all use a few tips on how to boost business and keep things fresh.

To boost your bridal business, consider the following areas.

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Company Culture: getting it rightCompany Culture: getting it right

1. ‘Bridal Concept’ & ‘Ethos’

Create a business which excites potential brides to be. It is no longer enough to have a beautiful boutique showcasing pretty dresses. Think about your ‘concept’ to develop your business; ask yourself ‘how do you want your brides to feel?’ and ‘what experiences do you want them to have?’. You are creating key life moments and memories not just selling dresses. Discuss with friends, family, or your team to develop your business personality and experience.

2. Brands and Brand Mix

Look at your brands closely, analytically, and objectively. Sometimes you need to give your brands an overhaul. Dresses need to earn their rail space, buy through the sizes so that you can turn your stock more readily. Don’t leave dresses hanging on rails forever and make sure that you are prepared to off peg dresses in order to avoid building volumes of dead stock. Boost your business with the acquisition of a new brand and let go of under performing labels.

3. Collaboration

Connect with other local businesses and get involved with your community. Work together with other local business professionals or even bridal retailers on projects of mutual benefit. Get to know your business neighbours and work together to boost and build a local business community.

4. Team

What you put into your team you will get out tenfold. You can really boost your business by investing your time in your team. Staffing is hard work, and this area requires endless attention and focus. Your team are very important and are what drives your business. Ask yourself ‘when did you last formally appraise your team or celebrate a job well done?’. Make sure you hold team meetings and ask them for ideas. Remember to say thank you, plan social events & team building exercises, throw an awards party, buy cake, take them for drinks etc. Boost your team and your business and sales will feel a massive boost.

5. Social Media & Marketing

Raw and authentic social media is the trend and if you feel you are getting left behind with your socials, research and do some training on how to create more engaging and more frequent content on the platforms of your choice. Social media is as important as your shop front these days so inject your personality into your business on social media and it will feel a huge improvement.

6. Attitude & Mindset

You have got to look after your mental health and mindset. You need to be able to be on your best game and you have got to take time out to relax and nurture yourself. Make time for yourself, sleep well, drink more water, take vitamins, read, do wordsearches, ask Alexa to play guided meditations, whatever it takes do it! Boost yourself and your business will benefit massively.

7. Goals

You will be more successful if you set goals for your business. This is something that not many business owners actually do. Some goals that you might set could be reducing your overheads, increasing profit, increasing referrals, or increasing sales. Whatever they are, set them and share them with your team. Setting and working towards goals can be exciting and empowering. You will see more success for your business if you become a goal setter for sure!

I coach bridal retailers in a variety of ways including on one off projects and I also offer tailored advice on a long term basis. A ‘discovery call’ to evaluate what help I can provide is free. Check out for more info, connect with me on Instagram @abineill or call me on 07725 804917.

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