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A Closer Look at This Year’s Wedding Dress of the Year

Voted ‘Wedding Dress of the Year’ at the Bridal Buyer Awards 2019, we take a closer look at style Symphony by Romantica of Devon.

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Explain Symphony?

For Symphony we wanted to create a dreamy ballgown while keeping it light and modern. The bodice is an illusion tulle with a beautifully delicate lace vine and flower pattern strategically placed to offer modesty while creating a light feel. The illusion bodice offers great support and comfort but the gown also comes with a detachable bodice for brides who prefer more coverage and traditional structure.

The skirt is created with layers of semi-sheer tulle and subtle hints of champagne and pink. There is a stunning layer of glittering tulle nestled in between the layers so when the bride moves it sparkles elegantly.

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What was the inspiration behind this dress?

Throughout the 2019 collection, inspiration was drawn heavily from botanical elements and a dream-like pastel colour palette, along with the desire for the dresses to feel light and whimsical.

Why do you think your dress won Wedding Dress of the Year?

We think that Symphony won ’Wedding Dress Of The Year’ because it offers brides the best of both worlds, it’s perfect for a bride looking for a modern twist on a classic.

Symphony offers the classic princess shape contrasted with a modern delicate illusion bodice, on-trend subtle pink hue, dreamy botanical lace and a sparkle tulle layer. The perfect combination for an unforgettable entrance! The shape is elegant and modern, while still creating the princess look that many girls dream of.

How do you think winning this award will affect your business over the following 12 months?

We hope that by winning this award our brands and our gowns will get more attention from brides, looking for their dream dress. As this award is voted on by brides it is extra special to us and shows us that we are on the right track with our designs and that we are creating gowns that brides love.

Our design team have been busy working on new designs for 2020, they are keen to incorporate some of the key elements of our Symphony gown into new exciting designs so the success can evolve into new styles. The beautiful sparkle tulle has already been introduced into other ballgown styles and we now offer a detachable bodice in all our illusion styles, so brides can enjoy two looks for their wedding day just like they can with our Symphony gown.

Finally, our Symphony gown received a lot of attention as soon as we won the award, so we can’t wait to see this gorgeous gown in more stores and seen by more wonderful brides.

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Do you have any tips for retailers that stock this dress?

We have designed POS specifically for all Symphony stockists which will be a great marketing tool for them to use in-store. Eye-catching POS is sure to entice passing trade and catch the attention of brides on the search for the perfect princess dress.

We encourage stockists to explain to brides that this gorgeous style can offer two looks for their wedding day, the detachable bodice could be worn for the ceremony and then it could be removed for the evening to give you two different but equally beautiful looks.

Also, it is important to explain about the support offered in an illusion style, many brides may shy away from an illusion bodice but there is nothing to fear as our illusion bodices are designed and manufactured to offer great support and the lace is perfectly placed to ensure modesty. Our Romantica model has a fuller bust, she wears a size 32 FF and you can see how well supported she is in all of our illusion styles not just our Symphony gown.

Our imagery, therefore, is also another great tool for stores, as they can show brides the different looks available and how well supported our model is in the illusion version.

Finally, if brides are looking for a ballgown style that is suitable for a destination wedding, then Symphony would be a great option as with the illusion bodice this style becomes a lightweight choice. Once again it offers you the best of both worlds, with a dreamy ballgown shape and lightweight bodice.

Do you have any tips for suppliers entering this category next year?

Choose a dress that you love, it may seem like a straightforward way to choose a gown for this category but it is so important to go with your gut and choose a gown that you believe is unforgettable.

It is also important to choose a gown that will have the wow factor on display. If it looks great on a model but is lost on a mannequin then it may not grab attention when on display at the show. Finally choose a gown that has beautiful marketing imagery to back it up, when brides are voting for their favourite dress they are going to get drawn in by the gown with the most eye-catching imagery.

Can you share any future plans?

We are always evolving and adapting our designs for the modern bride, our future plans are just that. We want to keep pushing our designs forward, sourcing new fabrics, creating new silhouettes and improving our fit to hopefully always have a collection of gowns that are perfect for every bride, every style and every budget. The bridal market is always evolving and we hope to keep up with brides’ wants and needs.

The Harrogate Bridal Show dates for 2020 have already been set, so make sure you put them in the diary, 13 - 15 September 2020 at Harrogate Convention Centre.

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