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Behind the Rebrand: Rainbow Club

We have an exclusive interview with Rainbow Club on the motivation behind the rebrand of their well-established bridal shoe brand

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With fast-changing consumer trends and shifts within the fashion and bridal industries, many brands are searching for ways to stay up to date, relevant and innovative. One solution for brands looking to keep up with millennial brides is to reinvent themselves. Rebranding offers the opportunity for fashion labels to position themselves how they need and want to, alongside responding to the needs and wants of their consumers.

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Among those looking to reinvent themselves, is bridal shoe and accessory brand, Rainbow Club. “The new rebrand is helping us to create awareness of Rainbow Club outside of the bridal sphere,” says Managing Director, Richard Marsh.

“Creating a fresh, new look that is more considered in today’s market was key for our brand; as part of our continual commitment to appeal to the modern, stylish bride, and to be the footwear brand of choice for the UK’s leading bridal and special occasion retailers,” he adds.

Rainbow Club has been designing, making and colouring handmade satin wedding and occasion shoes since 1986 and are now firmly established as the UK’s leading and most inspirational producers. With over 800 UK and 50 Republic of Ireland stockists, the brand remains one of the original makers of bridal and occasion footwear and accessories.


But why the rebrand now? According to Marsh, the process started back in 2016 when the business “started looking at core values.”

“After undertaking some market research, looking at everything from products and fonts to the tone of voice and colour palettes from other premium footwear and fashion brands, we designed a variety of different logos to see which direction we wanted to take the brand,” says Richard.

“Once we’d narrowed the options down to just one, we were able to develop our new brand guidelines, setting rules for everything from colour palettes and fonts to lifestyle imagery and logo placement, helping us and our retailers execute the new look and brand positioning. We’ve now deployed the new logo across all touchpoints including packaging, e-commerce, marketing and product. It’s a noticeable evolution for the business and strikes a more aspirational note with customers.”

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New For 2020

As for what’s new? Expect modern heel heights, sharper toe shapes and exquisite fabrics with a more fashion-forward approach. “We’ve always had an individual look; a design signature that’s run through everything from our catwalk-inspired shoes to our bespoke hand-colouring process, and our 2020 collection is no different,” says Richard.

“As part of our commitment to appeal to both the modern and stylish bride along with those who want a new pair of shoes for a special occasion, we’ve introduced a number of new designs this season without compromising our key USP’s of colour and comfort.”

The bridal shoe brand has also made the decision to appoint a new guest designer, meaning the new collection takes inspiration from the likes of Jimmy Choo and Aquazzura.

But how has the rebrand been accepted by both retailers and consumers? “We’ve had fantastic feedback from our retailers, direct customers and fashion and bridal press who all love our brand new look including the innovative shoe interiors and packaging,” says Richards.

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But what impact has social media had on the rebrand? According to Marsh social media was a big conversation for the team when creating the new logo and overall brand look as it is constantly changing the way consumers see and shops with brands.

“We decided that we wanted to keep content fresh and exciting for our online audience,” says Richard. “We have created multiple campaigns for the 2020 season that will launch throughout the year. This enables us to capture the attention of multiple audiences, from the modern bride and trend-led millennials, whilst not forgetting our existing customers and the traditional bride,” he adds.

The Future

The future is looking promising for the brand with their continued work with well-known designers for the 2021 season, alongside their limited-edition collections that create beautiful, one-of-a-kind footwear and accessories.

Richard sums it all up by adding, “Rainbow Club is committed to growing the brand so that it is recognised as not only the leading bridal shoe brand but also to establish itself as the go-to special occasion specialist.”

Interested in stocking Rainbow Club in your boutique? Take a look at their listing on the Bridal Buyer directory here.

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