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Bridal Buyer Bestseller: Heather from Brides at Waterfields

This month’s Bridal Buyer Bestseller is Heather, co-owner of Brides at Waterfields in Torquay

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June's Bridal Buyer Bestseller is Heather from Brides of Waterfields
June's Bridal Buyer Bestseller is Heather from Brides of Waterfields

The Bridal Buyer Bestseller for this month is Heather, co-owner of Brides at Waterfields in Torquay, nominated by her daughter and business partner, Gemma Wilson. We asked Gemma why we are celebrating Heather this month:

“I co-own Brides at Waterfields in Torquay with my wonderful mother Heather. I’m the front person for the shop so most of the time, when we get a thank you card or a comment on Facebook, it’s usually ‘To Gemma and mum’, and she rarely gets any recognition for the things that she does. And she is really the one behind the magic of the shop, where she comes up with these ‘crazy professor’ ideas and invents things that will transform a dress or solve a problem that we thought there was no solution to.

“She hand-embroiders little messages for loved ones who can’t be there and puts them inside the dresses for the brides, and generally, the things she does bring happy tears into the shop. She doesn’t like to be in the limelight, but unfortunately, I’m very mean like that and I’d love to put her in the spotlight just to say a massive thank you because the shop would not be where it is if it wasn’t for her and all the wonderful things that she does.

“I’m even welling up right now, she gives big mummy-hugs to everybody, she’s just a wonderful, caring person and everything she does is from the heart. I’m extremely lucky to have her, both as a mum and as a business partner.”

To hear Gemma’s moving nomination, listen to our latest podcast here.

We’ve sent Heather a gift to reward her for all she does and to thank her for being such a valuable member of the industry. Congratulations, Heather! And make sure you listen to this month’s podcast to hear Gemma’s heart-warming nomination.

Don’t forget, email with the subject line ‘Bridal Buyer Bestseller’ to nominate someone you want to thank for all their effort and hard work!

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