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Bridal Buyer Bestseller: Esther from The Bridal Collection of Lancaster

This month’s Bridal Buyer Bestseller is Esther Baker, manager of The Bridal Collection of Lancaster

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Meet May's Bridal Buyer Bestseller, Esther Baker
Meet May's Bridal Buyer Bestseller, Esther Baker

The Bridal Buyer Bestseller for May is Esther Baker, nominated by Debbie Cook, owner of The Bridal Collection of Lancaster. She explains to us why she wanted us to celebrate Esther this month:

“Esther joined me in October 2009, eight months after I opened the shop. Initially as an extra pair of hands as I wanted to grow the business. Almost nine years later, a continuous business expansion including employing six more staff and a shop move to much larger premises, she’s still with me and has grown with, developed and embraced all of the changes we’ve made.

“Esther can turn her hand to most things and is an ‘all-rounder’ in our business, she is an excellent sales woman, is passionate about everything bridal and this shows in her consultancy. Customer service is our top priority in store and Esther will not settle for anything less than perfect! She has a particular skill for keeping our store looking fabulous with our window and internal displays, she comes up with some amazing ideas for our in store events and wedding fair themes.

“Esther has grown with the business and has taken on the extra responsibilities including staff management. She has always been the most flexible of my staff members and unwaveringly reliable. Regardless of anything in her personal life, she always presents her positivity to our customers and her sense of humour always keeps us buoyant!

“Her support to me as business owner, over the years, has been unwavering, she keeps me sane and grounded when I doing my famous ‘headless chicken’ routine! I am humbled by her loyalty and dedication. We would not be where we are today without Esther and I truly value her and would love to see her publicly recognised.”

The team at Bridal Buyer have sent a gift to Esther to reward her for her fabulous contribution to the industry – congratulations Esther!

If you have someone in mind you want to nominate for June’s Bridal Buyer Bestseller, please email and include ‘Bridal Buyer Bestseller’ in the subject line.

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