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My Diary: Zoe Burke, Group Content Editor at Ocean Media

Our Group Content Editor, Zoe Burke, looks after, Wedding Style Collective and Find out how she spends her typical day…

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Group Content Editor Zoe Burke
Group Content Editor Zoe Burke

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My Typical Morning…

I wake up very early, but I’m not a morning person in any way. I’m usually awake as soon as it’s light, despite the blackout curtains in my bedroom, but I hate getting up and will often take advantage of the flexitime at Ocean Media to avoid having to leave my bed too early.

I’ll lie in bed for a little while and wait and see if my boyfriend is going to make the coffee that morning, or if it’ll be me (it’s usually me). I try not to check my phone first thing as I have plenty of time all day to be looking at screens, but I find myself doing it a lot of the time without even knowing I’m doing it.

My usual breakfast is…two lattes. I am not really a fan of eating first thing. My mind is definitely awake way before my stomach is.

The time I get to work really varies day by day but I try to be at my desk by 9.30. As soon as I get to work, I always check my emails (after my second latte). So much of my day depends on what’s in my inbox – there might be a breaking story we need to cover or an idea I can follow up waiting for me.

I always check Google Analytics too for all my sites, so I can see how we did the day before, what’s performing and identify any possible issues. I’ll chat to Sophie, the content assistant on Bridal Buyer to find out what she’s working on and I’ll check in with the Confetti team too, who work out of our Manchester office, to see what’s on for them as well, before cracking on with writing articles, sorting through emails and managing our social channels.

I like to chat to retailers as much as I can too – so much of our content is shaped by our contacts in the industry and what they tell us, so I like to check in with people wherever I can.

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My Typical Afternoon…

In my previous job, I worked with someone who really highlighted the importance of taking a proper lunch break, and I’ve really tried to stick to that.

Some days I do have to eat a gross supermarket sandwich at my desk, but my New Year’s Resolution was to make my own lunch and make time to eat it. Recently I’ve been taking advantage of the weather and sitting outside with a book – I find I can be more focused in the afternoon if I give my mind an hour off!

My afternoon varies so much based on where we are in the month and what we’re working on. A lot of my time is spent proofing content for Bridal Buyer, Wedding Style Collective and Confetti, and planning for the weeks to come. If I have meetings, I try to do them in the morning as I don’t like interrupting my flow in the afternoon.

I’m usually on my way out of the office at around 6pm. I don’t like leaving bang on time as Canary Wharf tube station is awful at 5.30pm, but no matter what time I leave, I always seem to just miss the rare, mythical fast train to where I live by just a few minutes.

Usually I will plan to head straight home but quite often I get a text asking me what the dinner plan is, so there’s normally a pit stop along the way to cobble together some dinner ingredients. I am trying to do a weekly yoga class too but we’ll see how that goes.

My Typical Evening…

In the evening I tend to cook. I really like doing it and find it helps me to switch off – but I only like doing it when I’m doing it for someone else. I feel like making a nice meal is wasted when there’s no one around to witness it, so if I’m on my own I’ll have something really basic.

I try not to look at emails in the evening, but sometimes when I’m working on a project that I’m really into – our new Instazines are a good example – I’ll get out my laptop and do a few bits and pieces, especially if football or rugby is on the TV.

I’d love to say I go swimming or do more yoga or something, and honestly I really intend to, but I’ve been quite bad at all that kind of stuff lately.

I like to go to bed at 10pm. I think that’s a very sensible time to go to bed, but my boyfriend typically spends ages scouring Netflix for the perfect crime documentary and by the time we’ve picked one and started watching, there’s no way I’ll make it to bed for 10, so it’s normally closer to 11pm.

I’m a very light sleeper and I have super weird dreams – usually about people from work, which annoys me a bit as I feel like I’ve already done my day’s work by the time I’ve woken up.

The Best Part of My Day…

Having dinner with Simon and catching up on our days…or seeing the traffic increases on Confetti and Bridal Buyer. That always makes my day, seeing lots of green on my Google Analytics dashboards.

If I could change anything about my day, it’d be my commute. I wish I could just teleport to work and get out of bed at 8.59am…

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