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Seven Top Tips for an Amazing Window Display

Creating an amazing window display is a great way to grab the attention of passers-by and to make sure your shop and brand sticks in their memory. Follow these top tips from expert window-dresser Lucy Banks from Spire Vintage to make sure yours is a real show-stopper

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How to create an amazing window display (Nora Eve Bridal Boutique's window)
How to create an amazing window display (Nora Eve Bridal Boutique's window)

“Window dressing is a must for anyone with a shop window,” explains Lucy Banks of Spires Vintage. “With the retail world becoming ever-more competitive, you need something that will draw people in, get people talking and make sure your display is memorable and intriguing to passers-by.

“Part of my job is window dressing and display work, and I like to use vintage props and accessories to brighten the windows I dress across Derbyshire. I find inspiration in the most random places and plan displays in the back of my mind all the time.

“If you don’t have the budget to hire a window dresser or would prefer to do it yourself, here are a few simple tips to make your window display really pop…”

Don’t forget, a good window display is just as effective as a great set up online – read our top tips for improving your online presence too.

Colour Coordinate

When it comes to styling your window display, choose a colour palette and try to keep within that range. If you go crazy and add lots of different colours, it could end up looking untidy.

Pick a Theme

Try to choose a theme based around any events you have taking place or the time of year. It’s amazing how many bright summer displays I’ve seen roll into winter because they haven’t been changed.

If it’s autumn, channel browns, yellows and oranges – Halloween is always a busy time for my stash of skeletons too! In winter, consider rich colours like reds, greens and golds that you can easily transform into a Christmas display with the addition of a few festive pieces.

You can always be inspired by what’s going on in store – for a one year opening anniversary I used oversized pastel balloons and presents to suit the celebration party that was being held there.

I also love to use natural foliage to fill gaps and be in-keeping with the season. Many a time I’ve had funny looks on the school run when I’m filling a carrier bag full of dead leaves and vines…luckily the other parents already know I’m crazy!


Festive winter display (Window - Sassi Bride Designer Discount Outlet)
Festive winter display (Window - Sassi Bride Designer Discount Outlet)

Use it as a Showcase

It sounds like common sense, but don’t forget to showcase what your shop is actually selling. Sometimes people forget to order in enough stock to include some in their window displays. Choose a few of your most choice pieces and put them on display for the world to see.

Mix it Up

Try and change your displays monthly or so to keep it looking fresh. Even if it’s just swapping the positions of what is already on display. Although people don’t always come into your shop to look, they’ll see it as they pass. You’d be surprised at how much a good window is talked about, and it’s all good publicity.

Don’t be Scared to be Quirky

Don’t be frightened to do something funny, as long as it’s tasteful. Humour can be a fabulous way to stop people and to get them to interact with you. A great example of this is my skeleton, Freddie. He graces the window of a local bridal boutique every year in a different setting and people love to see him. It makes people laugh and gets them talking about the shop.

You can see Lucy’s Halloween display in our edit of the best Halloween window displays


Halloween window display - featuring Freddie!
Halloween window display - featuring Freddie!

Think About Height

Don’t forget about the top section of your window space – think about hanging something from the ceiling, such as thin curtains to form a backdrop, or use a fishing wire to hang stock or drape fabric from.

Keep it Clean

Before you start your window display, give the area and the window itself a good clean. It looks better when it’s clean and smart and it will give you more space to work with as well.

Feeling inspired? Make sure you read our guide to ensuring your offering stands out - and find out more about Spire Vintage at

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