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Seven Ways to Shout About Your Success

Award-winning CCO of Essense of Australia, Martine Harris, explains the best ways to shout about your accolades

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Winning an award is amazing for your business, but it’s important to promote it so your customers and clients are aware of your success. Martine Harris, Chief Creative Officer of Essense of Australia is no stranger to winning awards so she shares her top seven tips for effective self-promotion.

1. Say it on Social

Announce your award via your business’s social media channels, especially Instagram, where we know brides search for wedding dresses. Your industry recognition will make you a credible source in a sea of options. Always include a call to action so you the bride knows to visit your website or contact you directly.

2. Put it on Your Blog

Share the news on your website or blog. Add content about your recent accolades to your homepage and be sure to utilise any associated imagery and award logos. Discovering that you’re an award-winning business could be the deciding factor when a bride is choosing where to purchase her dress from.

3. Send out an E-Blast

Have a list of email subscribers? Create a quick e-blast that announces your award and thanks your customers for supporting you. Again, be sure to link to your website and have your contact information prominently displayed. On top of that, add the award logo to your email signature so that it’s shown every time you communicate digitally.

4. Contact Local Press

Reach out to your local media partners – magazines, newspapers, TV stations and blogs – through a well-written press release. This is a newsworthy event, and local media coverage can do wonders for boosting your community reputation.

5. Share it on LinkedIn

Awards can help to attract your next star employee. Use your recent recognition as a way to recruit the best of the best. After all, job seekers want to work for companies that are pioneers and industry leaders. Consider posting about the award on your website’s career page or on your LinkedIn profile.

6. Tell the Story

Whenever possible, share the whole story of how you got where you are – the history, the highs and lows, and the things you’ve learned. No matter the audience, people enjoy hearing how businesses are built from the ground up.

7. Give Credit

Take a moment to congratulate fellow nominees and award-winners. Networking with other bridal leaders will put you in a position to stay at the top of your game.

Want to hear more from Martine? Watch our video interview with the Chief Creative Officer of Essense of Australia here.

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