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Convert more bookings with these three simple steps

If you missed Kelly’s Live session last Thursday or want to re-cap, you can read her three secrets to convert more bookings here.

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No one likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy. My philosophy is always to teach people how to help their clients to buy. My name is Kelly Mortimer and I work with wedding businesses globally to help them drive enquiries, sales and revenue.

Even blackbelts in sales still need to practice and as we approach re-opening here are 3 secrets to keep front and centre:


  • When we first love & listen to our potential clients, we help them feel important, build rapport and lower barriers. All these means they’ll find it easier to buy from you.
  • Ask permission to ask questions, allowing them to relax and you to gently take control. This gives them feeling of dealing with an expert and being in safe hands.
  • Be a fact finding ninja! Ask questions to really understand them, not just what they want to buy but what their fears and goals are for the wedding. Deepening your connection.
  • Remember we all buy on EMOTION and justify with LOGIC


  • Use a transition statement to let her know you’ve listened and you have good solutions to offer.
  • Clients easily get buyers overwhelm. Too much choice gives us buyer paralysis and we buy nothing.
  • Offer 3 options at a time, which makes your client feel like buying from you is easier, stress free and that you’re an expert and they’re in safe hands.


  • Ask for the objection. You want to understand anything holding them back from saying ‘yes’. That way you can address it and offer an alternative or a solution.
  • Make the buying/ordering process sound easy. Let them know how simple it is to buy from you, while including time limits to assist in nudging them toward taking action today.

For more information on how you can improve sales in your business contact

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