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Do you know your trade show social media strategy?

Trade shows offer a fantastic opportunity to capture BTS (behind the scenes) content to post on your social media channels. This exclusive content will help you connect with your audience and in turn boosts your appointments and sales going forward.

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So how do I do social media at a trade show?

First, make sure you have a plan. Take a look at the floor plan, the schedules for any presentations or appointments you have and create a schedule for yourself and team. Make sure you are capturing still photos, video and boomerangs to use/post once you are done with the appointment. Also make sure you know each designer’s Instagram handle so you can tag them appropriately.

Next, make sure you take the time to post on your feed and story for each designer right after the presentation/appointment. Don’t wait until lunch or dinner or bedtime. Remember it doesn’t need to be long or overly detailed. It can be short and engaging by simply asking a question like, “Lace or beading? Tell me in the comments below. @[insert designer’s IG handle] #hbs2020 #harrogatebridalshow” or you can have it as a Poll option in IG Stories and you can see who is voting for which style or detail.

For your schedule, do your research in advance and prep your notes for each appointment with typed out IG handles/hashtags you want to use, and perhaps some captions you will want to add here and there. This is so you can easily copy and paste that into the caption or story on IG and you don’t have to waste time typing it all out there as you post.

Why should I show BTS on social media?

The main reason you want to post anything on social media is so you can help your ideal client discover and engage with you. This is a key aspect of making you close sales better and faster for every appointment. You also get to receive insights as to what your ideal clients are interested in buying so you can add those to your inventory.

It also shows how you are more than “just” a bridal shop. Fashion of any kind is exciting and interesting to most and especially to brides so if you are showing the inside scoop of bridal trends, latest designs, designer interviews, shots of models, up close detail shots, and asking for their input, it is a perfect storm of engaging content and discovery. That excitement and bond they are establishing with you will carry over to the appointment and lead to an easier sale for you.

What should I not show on social media?

When it comes to posting anything, you want to make sure it isn’t sloppily thrown together. You need to have a purpose for everything you post. Think about your 9-grid strategy and how different designers/type of posts will fit into your strategy so you can prepare that ahead of time.

You don’t want to post about things that could lead to issues down the road, like wholesale prices, designer exclusivity, or other aspects pertaining more to the business side of your business.

Always ask before doing an interview with a designer and even ask if there is anything they don’t want photos/video taken of.

What platforms and content types should I be using?

Instagram is the best place for you to post on your feed, stories, reels and IGTV. You can even do an IG Live or Facebook Live and then have it post to your feed as well. The great thing about Instagram is that you can automatically post it on both Instagram and Facebook. Just make sure you connect your accounts in advance.

Later each night, you can upload images to Pinterest or wait until you get back home. Utilizing Pinterest to cross-promote what you have seen, will be great for driving traffic to your website. The best way to do this is to write a blog and include the photos and video that you can then pin to your boards.

Try to vary your content type so you don’t have a string of videos, then a string of photos, and then a string of videos. Also post your IG Live to your feed and it will automatically upload to IGTV as well for you.

Your IG Story needs to have a story arc so your viewers stay engaged throughout the day. Start out with a good morning post, go through the day and post about the fashion, designers, trends, etc., and then do a mini-recap at the end of the day with a post or IG Live. Even take some questions and let your audience know you are going to do that so they can get excited and prepare for it.

Your trade show strategy doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming. It can be fun and hugely successful for your business. If you aren’t sure about your social media strategy for Harrogate, email and set up a time for a free 15-minute strategy session to get you on the right track for the best possible time at Harrogate Bridal Show:

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