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How to Use Social Media Apps for Your Business

Jemma Palmer of Halo & Wren takes a look at the ever-popular Instagram and Facebook and discusses using them to your advantage

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In a previous article, I discussed the importance of social media for modern boutiques–as well as why I think it’s a great idea to create social media opportunities where you can. We touched on how to use Pinterest as a great way of showcasing your brands and gowns. In this article, we will build on that and take a look at possibly the two most popular apps around – Facebook and Instagram. They are fantastic platforms for communicating with brides in numerous ways, all of which can be hugely enjoyable.

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Using Instagram

The key to Instagram is to enjoy it and understand how it has been revolutionary for small businesses. Nothing has reached such a large audience as this, and it’s free, why wouldn’t you want to use such a tool? Instagram should be easy, but for most bridal boutiques it’s easy to overthink.

Three factors to keep in mind are:

  • Who is your audience? Once you truly understand who your target bride is e.g. age, location, hobbies, interests, wedding theme etc, you can begin to share what inspires them.
  • Remember you are inspiring! You are the inspiration behind your business and your Instagram account is an extension of that. Your brides will be inspired by you and your style so give them what they want. You should be shouting and screaming (digitally) from the rooftops about the who, what, where and why of your business. Worry less about posting too much and just tell your story.
  • It’s a window to your world! Instagram has revolutionised the way a small business can access its brides. Boutiques can use Instagram almost as a storefront; showcase the gowns and accessories, interact directly with your customer.

I actively encourage the use of Instagram in the boutique. Our booking system consists of an automated email to prepare the bride for her appointment. In the email, I remind the brides how beautiful the boutique is and to take as many photos as they wish and tag away. By beginning your relationship with encouraging social media, your audience will get little insights into the experience you offer.

Halo & Wren is well known for its bridal boomerangs on Instagram and this was my way of publicly celebrating that super special moment of finding ‘The One.’ It lets your current brides and any potential ones know that you value them, they’re not just another customer and it’s the easiest way to say, “Congratulations and Welcome to Our Bride Tribe.”

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Using Facebook

I feel that Facebook is a wonderful tool, particularly for conversational posts and events, because the general user of Facebook tends to be slightly older. As years have passed, Facebook has become less about sharing a status and more about sharing an event or occasion. You will find that bride’s families will likely make more comments and share your posts on Facebook than on Instagram. This means you might not necessarily be reaching your target demographic, but it is where your posts and profile will be shared the most.

The more family feel of Facebook has its advantages but also means changing the language that you use; making sure the posts are inspiring and relatable but not unachievable, so posting the £700 Manolo heels will get less traction than a humorous post about the stresses of planning a wedding. During an appointment, I make time to get to know the friends and family and ask them directly “do they follow Halo & Wren or like the Facebook page?” Usually after an appointment, I will see a surge in followers as friends and family visit the pages.

One of the greatest advantages of Instagram is it can be linked to Facebook, allowing you to post an Instagram post directly to Facebook. So, if time isn’t on your side you can still keep a presence on all apps by linking the two accounts.

Facebook is also wonderful for event planning with its simple formula. This means that you can organise events, keep track of attendee’s and see who is interested. Use the Facebook event function to plan and execute your event but use Instagram to share the event details.

Another way in which Facebook can be really handy for bridal boutiques is the function of being able to like another page from your business profile. This is a great tool as their audience will also see your engagement on their page which could increase your likes. This is so handy for sharing styled shoots amongst collaborators. When Halo & Wren have been involved in styled shoots, all of the suppliers have agreed to share each other’s posts, commenting and liking to reach a wider demographic.

For more social media advice like this, take a look at digital expert, Warren Knight’s guide to using Pinterest for your bridal business.

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