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My Diary: Joann Davis, Owner of Miss Bridal Gowns of Hungerford

Here’s how Joann Davis, owner of Miss Bridal Gowns of Hungerford spends a typical working day

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Miss Bridal Gowns of Hungerford
Miss Bridal Gowns of Hungerford

Joann Davis is the Owner of Miss Bridal Gowns of Hungerford, a bridal boutique that offers a premium and luxury service with a stunning collection of bridal couture. Located in the quaint town of Hungerford in Berkshire, the boutique has just celebrated its five years anniversary.

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My Typical Morning…

Sadly, I am a morning person. I wish I was one of those people who could sleep in, but regardless of what day it is, I’m up and out for a nice run to kick start my day. I usually wake up around 6.30-7am and the first thing I’ll do is have a nice cup of tea and listen to the news to see what’s happened in the world while I’ve slept.

My breakfast tends to vary every morning. Some mornings its fruit and wholemeal toast with peanut butter, sometimes porridge and other times it could be eggs on toast, it really depends on how I feel.

I usually get into work around 9.45am to open for 10am, I pop the kettle on make a nice coffee then sit and work my way through my emails, followed by my daily social media posts, it’s important to keep your page and posts fresh so I try to use a variety of things to keep the audience interested but always bridal related except sometimes on a Friday I have a feel-good day and I’ll post a random picture of a Donkey or something similar.

My mornings can vary too. If I have appointments booked then I will get ready to greet them, sometimes it’s just catching up with emails etc and during fitting months my Seamstress is here, so we catch up before starting the day, and cross-check our diaries. Towards the end of the week, I tend to clean the shop and change my window, ready for the weekend and week to follow.

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My Typical Afternoon…

Afternoons again depend on whether I have appointments or not, during the fitting season we tend to be busy so sometimes my seamstress Sam and I - if we have time - will take a cup of tea and walk across the road and sit by the canal for a while, just to get some fresh air before our next fitting.

I usually close up the boutique at 4pm every day, apart from a Tuesday. However, I am really flexible so if a bride requests an appointment out of hours I will of course try and make this happen.

I live relatively close to my work, so I usually just go home when I close up unless I’m meeting with friends for food or drinks.

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My Typical Evening…

My typical evening usually involves a nice glass of wine while I’m cooking dinner, followed by relaxing on the sofa watching TV or listening to music. I normally head to bed around 10.30pm on weekdays, but with working Saturdays I like to make the most of my evenings at the weekend, so I’ll stay up a little later.

I try to totally switch off in the evenings but sometimes it’s hard to do. I usually find myself reflecting on the day or checking my emails, but I try my best to not let it take over my mind. I find that a long hot bath works wonders!

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The Best Part of My Day…

Obviously, I like the end of the day, who doesn’t? But I am thankful for every day and I love what I do. I love meeting all kinds of people and I love going home knowing I have made a bride-to-be very happy.

I don’t think I would change anything about my day, it has taken me a long time to get to where I am and almost six years in I would be lying if I sad there had not been some challenges, but I’ve stuck in there and worked through them. I am grateful every day, and I look forward to growing the business even further.

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