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My Diary: Winston Yeh, Product Developer and Designer for Kenneth Winston

Bridal Buyer gets an exclusive look into the working day of Winston Yeh, Product Developer and Designer for Kenneth Winston

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Winston Yeh, Product Developer and Designer for Kenneth Winston
Winston Yeh, Product Developer and Designer for Kenneth Winston

Kenneth Winston is a well-established, international bridal brand that belongs to the design house, Private Label By G. The family-run business is led by brothers Kenneth and Winston Yeh.

With a background in business administration and surrounded by the family business his entire life, Winston Yeh officially started working in house about 10 years ago. Alongside his brother Kenneth, the pair are dedicated to pushing the Kenneth Winston brand forward.

My Typical Morning…

I am undeniably a morning person. I usually wake up around 4.30AM every morning so it gives me time to go through my basic hygienic routine, grab a cup of coffee and watch some sports news on ESPN before I head off to the gym at 5AM.

I usually skip breakfast in the mornings, and I don’t eat until around 10-11AM, however, when I have time on the weekends I love pancakes.

I tend to get into the office between 9-9.30AM, completely depending on how my five-month-old son behaves in the morning. The first thing I’ll do is check my emails from factories overseas. I’ll make sure all is good with them and if there are any issues I’ll address them with our correspondents.

After that, I will deal with my remaining emails and any CSR issues that need my attention.

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My Typical Afternoon…

Depending on what time of the year it is, my afternoons can vary. If we’re in the middle of our design seasons I’m usually checking up on samples and seeing if all the materials we’ve selected are correct and work out. If it’s during the selling season I’m usually taking calls with my US sales reps and working out certain details and deals.

Leaving work also varies. Some days I leave around 4PM so I can get home and spend some more time with my son and other times I don’t leave until 5PM because I have to take my mother home. I’m her personal chauffeur from the office!

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My Typical Evening…

A normal evening for me consists of making dinner and sitting down as a family to enjoy it. My son usually goes to sleep at around 6.30PM and from then onwards it’s Mommy and Daddy time where we can reflect on our day and hang out together.

Before I go to sleep I make sure I put all electronics away and turn them off. If I don’t I will be up until the early hours of the morning.

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The Best Part of My Day…

My favourite part of the day is definitely the mornings. I love the time I have from 4:30AM -7AM. The gym is my happy place, and it helps me alleviate any stress I have carried over from the day before. For roughly three hours I have no distractions and it’s just myself, the gym and my music.

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