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Our Catch Up With Twilight Designs

Discover more about worldwide importer and wholesaler of bridal accessories, Twilight Designs ahead of London Bridal Fashion Week 2020

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What’s new with the brand since we last caught up?

We are currently in the process of putting together our brand new collection ready for London Bridal Fashion Week. We have spoken with our retailers to produce a really spectacular new range which, as always, is versatile and comprehensive.

How was 2019 for the brand?

Once again, we saw year on year growth for Twilight Designs in 2019. Our tenth year in business certainly was one of our best to date and that was really humbling to see. We also won our first award at The RBA Awards and found ourselves nominated for the first time at The Bridal Buyer Awards.

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How has the brand evolved over the years?

Over the past 11 years, we have not only watched growth year on year but have also seen the need to hold certain quantities of stock in order to meet our customers’ expectations. We now feel that we are at that level where we are able to meet this demand. It is incredible now to see the next steps we need to take in order to succeed further and remain as the first choice for bridal accessories.

Where do you see the bridal industry in five years?

The industry has recently undergone many changes that could have potentially shaped the future for bridal retailers and suppliers. The demand for quality products at a reasonable price is on the rise and as long as the industry continues to provide this expectation then we think it will continue to evolve.

Describe your brand’s bride in three words?

Classic, timeless, savvy

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Can you talk about the brand’s relationship with the UK bridal market?

Our relationship with our bridal retailers is second to none. We strongly stand by the statement that we are in partnership with bridal retailers, meaning we do our utmost to support them. We promise to remain trade only in order to keep this relationship healthy and successful for all parties.

How do you deal with new stockists?

We are always welcoming new stockists and we deal with them exactly how we deal with all of our existing customers. We aim to get their order out to them as soon as possible so they can begin to promote the products and have maximum sales opportunity. We always offer social media support and are on hand for any query they may have. We pride ourselves in our customer service skills and from day one aim to create a great relationship with our retailers.

Do you have a minimum order?

No, we don’t have any minimum orders for any customers whether they are new or existing, meaning everyone can take full advantage of this offer.

Where can UK retailers see you next?

We are looking forward to seeing all of our existing customers at London Bridal Fashion Week in March. We are also excited to meet any new or potential customers too. Finally, we would like to thank the industry for the continued support and look forward to a prosperous 2020.

Twilight Designs will be exhibiting at London Bridal Fashion Week on Stand F62. Make sure you register for the event here so you don’t miss out.

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