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Rachel Allan on Social Media

Multi-award-winning bridal company, Rachel Allan discuss how they approach social media

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Can you talk us through how the brand deals with social media?

As we have three different brands, we need separate social media pages for each. This means we can tailor the content to a specific audience. The Rachel Allan Prom Instagram page is targeted at young girls aged 15-18 who want to stay up to date with the latest trends. We post lots of group shots on this page so our audience can imagine themselves wearing Rachel Allan with all of their friends.

In comparison, the Mary’s Bridal and Lo’Adoro Instagram accounts feature more traditional content. On these social media pages, we will usually share an image from one of our sub-brands along with a love quote or lyric that our audience can relate to.

However, throughout all of our social media pages, we try to be as diverse as possible. We do this by posting images of our real-life brides and prom girls so every customer feels like they are being truly represented by us.

What social media platforms does Rachel Allan use?

We have used different social media sites including Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, but found that Instagram and Facebook are where we were getting the most following and interaction from brides. Alongside this, we found that the majority of our bridal shops were also using Instagram and Facebook, so it is easier for us to utilise these platforms to boost our following and interact with both our stockists and brides.

How many followers does Rachel Allan have on each site?

On each of our UK Facebook pages, we have just over 1.5k followers, which is growing every day since our launch last year, however, on our Instagram pages, we have 145k on Rachel Allan, 10k on Mary’s and nearly 8k on Lo’Adoro.

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What are the benefits of social media?

Social media is a growing platform for a business like us. Not only is it an easy promotion platform that can be accessed anywhere at any time, but it also offers a more, in-depth insight into what our customers want. Unlike print, social media allows you to instantly see the results of your marketing and gives you an insight into how many brides you have reached almost immediately.

However, most importantly, social media allows us to directly interact with our customers. We do this by reacting to all posts we are mentioned in, commenting on brides and stockists’ posts, and congratulating our stockists when they have won an award or opened a new boutique.

What are the disadvantages of social media?

Advertising on social media can be time-consuming, it can take up a good majority of your day. However, scheduling posts is an amazing tool that makes managing this a lot easier. As algorithms and trends are always changing on social media you don’t have any guarantees that your posts are going to work effectively until they have been posted. Therefore, it’s all about trial and error, and with the cost of social media advertising being so small it isn’t fatal when a post doesn’t do as well as you’d hope.

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Social media influencers are becoming increasingly popular within the fashion industry. How does the brand feel about this?

We have worked with a number of influencers over the last year and we’ve been so pleased with the interaction and traffic they drive to the brand. We currently work with a young girl who has just placed 4th Runner Up in Miss International Japan. We have also worked with many other titleholders including Ms Galaxy Europe and Mrs Galaxy UK, who has now become our curve ambassador for our prom and pageant line. We love working with these ladies and we love seeing them empower others.

Does the brand have a content marketing strategy for social media?

Our main strategy is to create tailored content for the demographic audience on each of our social media pages. As mentioned earlier, Rachel Allan posts are more light-hearted in comparison to our bridal content, which is more traditional and inspiring.

One of our main objectives as a business is for all of our stockists to feel supported and interacted with, so we like to re-post photos from our stockists and credit them. We are nothing without our customers so we always try to drive as much traffic as possible. You will also find that we rarely describe any of our gowns in our captions as we feel they describe themselves, instead we like to find a caption about love, beauty or saying ’YES’ that will work more effectively.

Do you have any social media top tips that you’d like to share?

The most important piece of advice I can give is to schedule! At Rachel Allan, we put time aside each day to schedule posts for the upcoming week.

However, we are also constantly logged into all of our pages so we can interact with our customers regularly. It is essential you reply to all comments and messages in a timely manner too. Always take notice of your insights and work from them, if a certain type of post worked well then do something similar again. Check the times you are getting the most engagement, work with your audience and adapt to how they react.

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