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Retailer Employee of the Year 2019: Danielle Wallace

Retailer Employee of the Year is another anticipated award for the bridal industry. We find out more from 2019 winner, Danielle Wallace

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This year, Danielle Wallace of Emily Bridalwear in Sheffield was crowned Retailer Employee of the Year. We caught up with her after the ceremony to find out how she feels…

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Tell us about the nomination process and how it came about?

Well, I actually had no idea! The girls at Emily Bridalwear had a chat and decided that they wanted to put me forward for the award. When they finally told me I was shocked and couldn’t believe it - it was so nice to think my girls thought I deserved to be nominated.

Why do you think you were nominated?

I hope it’s because I’m just me. My work is my baby, I treat it like it’s my own business. I wake up thinking about brides and what needs to be done. It’s funny because I never see it as a chore or even as my job, it’s one of the loves of my life and I’ll do anything to protect it.

Tell us more about your job role and day to day duties?

I’ve worked for Emily Bridalwear for just over five years but honestly, every day has been different. My day to day duties vary from bridal appointments, emails and phone calls to doing social media and custom designs.

I also organize our storage facilities and make sure all materials and accessories have been ordered or have arrived. Alongside this, I’ll ensure all outstanding orders are filled, check reports, purchase orders and confirmations.

How did you feel when you won the award?

When they announced that I won I was completely surprised. It felt strange and it was like I was dreaming. It was one of the best nights and it still feels weird when customers come in and say congratulations.

How do you think the award will impact you and the business over the next 12 months?

It’s such a positive award, especially as it’s rewarding staff. As the rest of the team work in a similar manner, it feels like customers know that they will get outstanding service. This can only lead to more brides through the door, making 2019/2020 the best year ever!

What’s next for you and for Emily Bridalwear?

Well, to be honest, we’ve only just come out of our crazy busy season, so we haven’t yet sat down to take it all in and talk about what’s next. However, we always have ideas on the table, it’s only going to get better now that we are a Bridal Buyer winner.

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