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Silver service

We look at the responses from the finalists in this year’s Bridal Buyer Awards, Best Retailer Customer Service category

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“Every business aims to keep its customers happy. Give three separate examples of events in the past year that show how you deliver top-notch service that really stands out.’

Below is just part of what each finalist had to say:

The Bride

“One Saturday, we answered the phone to a distraught mother of the bride. Her daughter was due to get married within the hour at Brocket Hall, but the zip in the maid of honour’s dress had broken (not a dress that we had supplied). There was only one thing for it, we jumped in the car with our sewing kit and went to the rescue. We had to actually sew the bridesmaid into the dress, but it saved the day.”

Creatiques Bridal Boutique

“As hard as we try, sometimes it is the service of suppliers that causes altercations. Recently, a supplier of ours failed to deliver a pre-ordered veil to us on time - despite constant chasing on our part. The day before the wedding (when it had still not appeared) we handmade the veil ourselves, drove a four-hour round trip to the wedding venue, delivering the veil along with a bottle of Champagne; the bride burst into tears and thanked us greatly. Sometimes, some things are out of our control but we strive to deliver a second-to-none customer service to the best of our ability.”

The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique

“We were let down by one of our designers with a bride’s dress arriving that was unfit for purpose. I was honest with the bride, who was quite upset and I arranged with another designer to supply what had been her second choice of dress - and happily, one that she loved. We had eight weeks until the wedding, so I kept in constant contact with the bride and her mum to make sure they were okay. I offered to cover the cost for her accessories and we also created a bespoke hair piece for her.”

Lulu Browns Bridal Boutique

“We have driven the length of this country (through heavy-snow) to deliver a bridesmaid’s gown, we have re-created my shop in a bride’s mother’s living-room who was sadly dying from cancer and wanted to see her daughter choose her dream gown. We have collected, cleaned and returned a bride’s dress whose dog had jumped up at it (whilst closed for Christmas, with 24 hours to the wedding and with a four-day-old baby in tow).”

Rachel Scott Couture

“After her bespoke dress had been made and delivered, one client changed her mind about her preferred fit. She completely acknowledged that the dress had been made to her specification and fitted correctly, however she now wanted it to be oversized and loose. My absolute priority is the bride’s happiness. So without delay, fuss or consideration for the additional cost, I had her dress completely remade in two weeks. We all recognised I had already fulfilled my legal obligation as a retailer but my reputation as an exceptional retailer delivering a truly personal service compelled me to go beyond, ensuring my client got her perfect dress, at my own expense. Understanding the unique stress on a bride, I believe my role is to support her throughout.”

Y.A.P Bridal Boutique

“Last year I dressed a beautiful bride called Laura and drove her mum to the church to see her get married. Laura had arranged a large mini bus with seats that slid back over for her mum (who had a disability) and the bridal party to get to the church. Everything was going wonderfully until Laura’s mum attempted to get into the bus. She tried so hard, in agony, but simply couldn’t do it. I was just leaving and saying my goodbyes when I heard the commotion. To cut a long story short, I moved the seats in my car right back (big, low-down car) hoping I could help. It worked, and I drove Laura’s mum to the church.”

Read the full responses in the September/October issue of Bridal Buyer


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