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Surviving Coronavirus in Retail

Ruth Larkin founded Larkin Bridal Sales Academy to deliver tailored training to boutiques in the areas they need it the most. Ruth put together a six-part YouTube series on ’Surviving Coronavirus in Retail’ to help bridal retailers in this difficult time.

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Tell us about your history

I started off in luxury retail, including luxury fashion and bridal accessories, and BMW automobiles, before cofounding Multihog Ltd. In 2012, I sold out of Multihog and founded Lark Bridal where I could fuse my two passions of luxury fashion/bridal and building, developing and supporting an international network of partners. Lark Bridal is as distributor of leading luxury fashion and bridal brands across mainland Europe, the middle east and north Africa and proudly represents Maggie Sottero, Sottero & Midgley and Rebecca Ingram in over 25 countries. The continued requests for support and training led me to create a Sales Academy, whereby we can help to further enhance and elevate the skill set of an industry that is already full of some of the best in the field.

Tell us about your training programme

I’ve been conducting training through different bodies for years, but we took the decision earlier this year to formalise the approach. Just at that time Coronavirus took hold, so we decided to pivot and focus on supporting the market with a six-part free series on Surviving Coronavirus In Retail. At Lark Bridal Sales Academy we remain dedicated, to creating tailored training and consultancy that drives success and growth across international retail and trade.
Our training and consultancy can be provided both digitally or on-premises to suit the needs and schedules of our customers (once out of lock-down).
The training is designed to focus on increasing sales, turnover, and profit, improving team conversion success, and enhancing each business’ overall performance and growth. The academy is tailored accordingly to focus on strengthening sales processes, elevating the company’s team, improving their merchandising and purchasing, or injecting confidence into their negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

What does the six-part series include?

All six-parts are available, free of charge, on our Lark Bridal YouTube channel.

Each video focuses on a different key area.

Sales Process – Ensuring you have a clearly defined, repeatable and implementable sales process that all members of your team can follow, enhancing their closure rates, improving customer experience, and insuring that you create a united company mindset and vision that best represents your business.

Social Media – Social distancing is not going away, so if you want to stay strong in business going forward, you need to get digital and be prepared, because not only is there a new generation of customers coming through, there is a new digital way of doing business.

Team Training – Lead you team to success, people buy into people first, so give your team a reason to follow you. Give your team the opportunity to enhance their skills, understand the business, the goals, your products, and your customers. Don’t forget that every member of your team, who in any way engages with a customer, is a salesperson. Understanding your customer, aligning your business model and ensuring your teams approach reflects that is essential.

In-Store Merchandising – Make sure your premises is best positioned to attract, retain and convert customers. Focus on enhancing, better directing and controlling the natural footfall that occurs in-store, upselling through your primary and secondary displays and smart cross merchandising. Make your interior sell for you.

Smart Purchasing – Get to grips with your personal business statistics, what’s selling, what’s changing and what’s coming, understand your product, your customers and your direction, and make every pound you spend drive a better return on your investment.

Elevating Your Offering – Preparing to come through the Coronavirus crisis and re-invigorating your business. It’s time to focus, dig deep and develop, we need to change with the changes.


How can retailers get in touch if they need more information?

Retailers can contact us directly at:
Email -
Social Media - Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn @LarkBridal or @RuthLarkin.
Lark Bridal Sales Academy is available to provide tailored training to support retailers and their teams in the areas that matter to them, especially as we prepare for the new normal.

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