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Weddings Today: What Are the Habits of 2019 Brides and Grooms?

Ocean Media’s consumer wedding brands,, Confetti magazine and The National Wedding Shows, teamed up to ask 6,600 brides and grooms about their wedding planning habits to find out more about weddings in 2019.

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Weddings Today surveyed 6,600 brides and grooms
Weddings Today surveyed 6,600 brides and grooms

Here’s what we discovered! You can read a full report on the average weddings in 2019 on

The Average Weddings in the UK in 2019

Weddings Today is the UK’s biggest piece of insight into contemporary weddings in the UK today, with 6,600 participants. The Weddings Today survey revealed that the average age of brides and grooms in the UK is 31 for brides and 33 for grooms.

Couples are getting engaged after four to seven years together and on average, they’re spending between seven and 12 months planning their wedding.

The average couple in the UK is in their early 30s and they don’t tend to have children together before marriage (68% of couples are child-free) – however, 13% of brides and grooms have children together before marriage and a further 13% had at least one child from a previous relationship.

Their joint yearly income averages out between £25,000 - £49,999 (43%), but 44% of couples earn upwards of £50,000 a year together combined. The average wedding budget is £14,984.88.

How Brides Research Wedding Ideas

We asked couples how they planned their weddings and discovered that 40% use wedding fairs to book suppliers and buy their essentials. A further 37% use websites and 34% are scrolling for shopping ideas on social media. A fifth of brides and grooms are using wedding magazines to get ideas and inspiration for what to buy for the big day too.

Pinterest is still a total powerhouse when it comes to wedding planning – nearly three quarters of couples have Pinterest boards at the ready to plan their big day. 43% are looking to Facebook to find ideas and 59% use Instagram.

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When it comes to wedding dress designers, 58% go to wedding shows for ideas, and the same amount rely on social media. 64% are looking on wedding websites and 41% pick up a magazine to find designs.

58% of brides also find their local bridal boutiques through wedding fairs, whilst 55% use social media to aid their search. 61% will use a wedding website to look for shops close to them.

How Brides Shop for Their Wedding Dress

Shopping for your wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning! On average, brides to be visit three bridal boutiques and try on 12 dresses before finding the one.

The average spend on a wedding dress is £1,098.74.

79% of brides would be willing to travel up to 50 miles to go to the bridal boutique of their dreams, whilst 13% would go up to 100 miles. 7% of those surveyed said they would travel over 200 miles to track down the right dress for them.

You can also read a more detailed report in the March/April issue of Bridal Buyer, landing with you soon. Check out the digital editions of Bridal Buyer here.

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