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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Jenn.Y

We caught up with Jenn.Y from J’Adore Bridal Design to find out more about her career in bridal so far…

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Jenn.Y is the proprietor behind J’Adore Bridal Design. The label intends to design and produce high-quality bridal fashion that is made to suit the likes and desires of the modern-day women using the finest of material, inimitable detailing, and reasonable pricing.

What inspired you to start your business?

My interest in fashion began when I was a teenager and this paved the way for me to study at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Fashion and Clothing, which I graduated from some years later. In 2010, I opened a tailor-made and couture shop with my business partner and we launched J’adore Bridal Couture.

However, in 2018 I decided it was time for me to start my own business and this is when my design studio J’Adore Bridal Design was established. I had over 10 years of hands-on experience in designing bridal and occasion wear for women, merchandising and managing fashion-related businesses by then, so I thought it was the perfect time to do it.

Can you tell us more about your role within J’Adore Bridal Design?

As the lead designer, I am fully responsible for all the design and creative processes. From the initial design concept, to dress sketching right down to the material selection, all the decisions are made by me. I am also in charge of the entire production process right from the first sample to the finished dress.

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What is your favourite part of your job?

I love every part of my job with a passion, but one thing that really makes me excited is talking with my customers. I love meeting them, listening to their needs and what they are looking for and then bringing that to life with the professional knowledge I have.

What is a typical working day like for you?

A typical working day in Hong Kong begins with breakfast with my lovely daughter and husband. Following that, it’s off to the office to answer any emails or queries I may have received. After lunch, I spend my afternoons drawing and sketching like crazy before heading home to my family again.

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What are your secrets to success?

  • Always have a passion for your business, because passion is what helps you succeed.
  • Hands-on experience is the best way to sharpen any skill.
  • Always keep up to date with trends – not only in the bridal scene but also in the wider fashion industry.
  • Make sure you have a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and wants and listen to this.
  • Networking is key, always make time for it.

What’s your greatest achievement so far?

As an independent bridal designer based in Hong Kong, I always dreamt of having my dresses stocked all around the world. So last year, I stepped out of my country and brought my first ever collection to the UK for London Bridal Fashion Week. I wanted to introduce my dresses to oversea buyers and I did! I am extremely excited to expect my first stockists in England and Northern Ireland this year.

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Who’s your greatest female inspiration?

My greatest female inspiration is my grandmother. She used to own her own garment factory and I learnt a lot of manufacturing knowledge from her. I hope that I can be an inspiration to my own daughter, just like she was to me.

Can you share some interesting facts about yourself?

I don’t really need a lot of sleep! I’m so full of passion for what I do that I barely sleep and somehow never seem tired. I also like to teach my daughter everything I know. I was overjoyed when I found her first-ever sketch of a wedding dress.

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