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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Patrycja Lobaczewska from Margarett

We caught up with Patrycja Lobaczewska from Margarett to find out about her career path and inspirations

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Patrycja Lobaczewska
Patrycja Lobaczewska

Please give a little background about your brands?

I represent two brands: Margarett and Herm’s Bridal

Founded in 1968, the family-owned design house MARGARETT celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year!

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60 years ago, Leon and Danuta’s Kupis daughter Margaretta was born. When she was 10 years old her parents decided to start making wedding dresses.
In difficult communist times, when every private initiative was nipped in the bud, thanks to perseverance and persistence, they make their dream come true and "Margarett" Label was launched. The name of the brand is in honour of their beloved daughter. Today the company continues to be family owned and operated and Margaretta is the current co-owner and designer.
The MARGARETT Design House has been building its prestige and brand recognition for fifty years, creating dozens of new, unique wedding dress designs annually and making dreams a reality for thousands of brides around the world.

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Dresses are 100% European, made in our studio in Poland from fabrics sourced from exclusive French and Italian couture mills. Each gown is hand crafted with love by Margarett and her professional team, where knowledge and skills have been passed on from generation to generation since the establishment of the design house 50 years ago!

The Herm’s Bridal label has come to life from the designer’s Dana’s passion to create and surround herself with beautiful things. The main creator of the collection, with many years of experience in the wedding industry, realised she needed something new, fresh, innovative and unexpected which was not yet available on the market or not in this form.

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She knew how to convey it, she knew what she wanted to achieve and what effect she expected and made every effort to create the first designs. Only a few styles to start with, but as it turned out, the dresses appealed to the extent that the designer had look for a professional workshop where the dressmakers could take on more production, because the dresses started to sell quite well in many parts of the country, and later also abroad.

Today, the Herm’s Bridal brand is well recognized, but still competitive price-wise. Dresses are made by experienced dress makers from high quality fabrics, are very unique and yet affordable, which is a key to their popularity.

Tell us about your personal background...

I guess it is quite international. I was born in Poland, my mum is Bulgarian.

As a child I lived a couple years in USA. My family moved back to Poland in the 90s and I spent most of my teenage years in my homeland. After getting married, as a young adult, I moved with my husband and son to live in Ireland, where we spent a couple years and where my daughter was born. She likes to say she’s Irish with two Polish parents :). We came back home to settle down 10 years ago.

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Where did your background in bridal begin?

In 2010 I started working for a bridal designer as a business development manager and from there I moved to becoming an independent agent for two fabulous Polish designers.

I have been representing my designers and bringing the beautiful dresses to shops across Ireland and now also UK for six years.

Before 2010 my six years of work experience had nothing to do with fashion (satellite phones and technology, internet security products and transport & logistics), so please don’t ask how it happened that now I’m surrounded by laces, tulles, satin and pearls.

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What is the secret to success?

  • Be true to yourself, be honest to others
  • Step by step, one step at a time, keep on stepping
  • Ask questions, listen carefully and ’have an open mind, but not an empty head’
  • Have empathy, be willing to lend a helping hand to others
  • And my very favourite one, that keeps me going all the time: ’When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.’

What is your greatest achievement so far?

To be honest I am just an ordinary person with ordinary struggles but big dreams. When I think about achievements I feel very proud about writing and defending my master thesis at a prestigious nniversity 1,500 miles away from home, while working full time and looking after my three month old baby daughter and a five year old son.

Probably the most difficult and stressful couple of weeks in my life, but very rewarding indeed.

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Who is your greatest female inspiration?

A famous person that I really admire is Angelina Jolie and this sentence says it all: “Nothing would mean anything if I didn’t live a life of use to others.”

A less famous one is my mum, a very ambitious, strong and intelligent woman, who is a scientist, a professor in a very specific area of chemistry, supra-molecular chemistry and crystal engineering. My mum is turning 70 in a few weeks and still works, gives lectures and is fascinated with the beauty of crystals and their importance.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Flexibility, travelling and meeting with my stockists, who I love to catch up with and spend time with. I feel I have a great relationship with my customers and I truly care about them and would never let them down.

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What does your typical working day look like?

Each day is different, really! There’s no routine. I’m self employed. Things that need to be done, need to be done.

Sometimes I find myself processing an order or doing taxes at midnight or on a Sunday and sometimes I’ll be raking leaves or weeding my garden or simply enjoying a coffee on the terrace at 10am on a Tuesday.

What can we expect from your brands at London Bridal Fashion Week 2019?

We will be revealing new and fresh designs for 2020 at the London Show. I will be showing two very different labels at my stand: Margarett and Herm’s Bridal and I can promise you will be spoilt for choice.

Give us some interesting facts about yourself...

  • I can write using my feet
  • I love spoonerisms
  • I have a daughter who is a FSKA World Champion in karate

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