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Global Gallery meets Eliza Jane Howell

Global Gallery interviewed vintage-inspired bridal brand Eliza Jane Howell, discovering their latest collection inspiration and why they are excited about our new global platform.

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This week, Global Gallery interviewed Eliza Jane Howell, a vintage-inspired brand that combines exquisite traditional and modern beading techniques in each and every gown. We found out their latest collection inspiration, emerging trends and why they are excited about joining our new Global Gallery platform.

Describe your latest collection.

At the height of Disco, the nightclub ’Studio 54’ was born. Known for its restrictive celebrity guest list, it swiftly became the hottest ticket in town. Artists partied with the stars of fashion, music, and Hollywood who mixed freely behind the closed doors of the club. In one of the most the iconic images of the Seventies, we see Bianca Jagger on the back of a white horse at Studio 54 to celebrate her 30th birthday. Bianca was the darling of the New York City nightlife scene, hanging out at Studio 54 with Halston, Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan to name but a few. Four tons of glitter was dumped on the floor of the club for one New Years Eve party - attendees say it can still be found in their closets to this day!

This is where Mick met and fell for Jerry Hall on a typical night of hedonism. It was the hedonistic atmosphere and dazzling glamour of this scene that provided us with a mass of inspiration for our 2021 Studio 54 collection.

Tell us about your signature style.

Our signature look is hand beading. All our dresses are made one at a time and completely beaded by hand. We can make our dresses in any size our colour and its our blend of ancient techniques and new ideas that make the perfect gown.

What is your favourite gown, from this collection or otherwise?

Our favourite dress from our latest collection is the Drew Barrymore gown. All the dresses in our Studio 54 Collection were named after people who frequented the legendary Studio 54 nightclub in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. The dress is completely beaded by hand, and is super lightweight, so glamorous and flattering on every body shape. We have also made dress in colour, and in a short cocktail version, which has been the go-to dress for fabulous parties.

What trends have emerged from your current collection?

A new look from us has been the hand-over dress worn over a jersey or crepe slip dress. The slip dress has also been bought by brides to wear on its own or with one of our floor length beaded capes.

Why did you decide to join Global Gallery?

Bridal Buyer’s Global Gallery is a digital platform that connects buyers and brands using innovative matchmaking technology.

We are excited about the opportunity of our collection being shown to a global audience and sales this will generate, as new accounts across the world fall in love with Eliza Jane Howell.

To see the full collection, follow the brand or connect with Eliza Jane Howell, sign up for your complimentary membership to GLOBAL GALLERY


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