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Michael's Bridal Fabrics Share What's New for 2019

We asked Michael from Michael’s Bridal Fabrics what we could expect to see from them in 2019 at London Bridal Fashion Week - here’s what he had to say 

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Embroidery from Michael's Bridal Fabrics
Embroidery from Michael's Bridal Fabrics

“We have over the last year added a lot of much larger designs of embroidery (some also with sequins and/or beads), many of which vary across the width of the fabric, quite often with a different edge on each side.

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Lattice Effect Fabric

“And not just on these types of designs; there are two features which are proving to be very popular. The first is the trellis/lattice panels that are seen in a variety of sizes, both on the area featured and the size of the trellis itself. We also offer all over designs with this effect both with and without sequins.

Laser Cut Panels

“The second strong feature is the laser cut panels which are now offered on a wide variety of designs of all sizes. This has added a new dimension to many designs giving a real 3D effect.

“Some of the designs with the laser cut panels also have an additional feature of having a digital print on them which also adds colour to the design, whilst the main core parts of the fabric are still traditional ivory.

Stretch Lace

“Stretch lace is another fairly new feature for us as we have now added several new designs to the small number we already offered. Most of these are quite inexpensive compared to other laces we run.

“We also are just starting to run our most popular French cotton lace design with a new sparkle finish that has only just been developed by our supplier in the past few months.

The Meghan Markle Effect

"On plain fabrics we have started offering a new silk blend Magnolia, which is the type of silk used for Meghan Markle’s wedding dress. We have added some new colours to our Italian wool crepe, which is very popular for mother of the bride and going away outfits.

“There is also a new 3m wide quality of tulle that we are now running at a very competitive price and it is stock supported by the manufacturer in 148 colours.”

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