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Cizzy Bridal: Five Things You Didn't Know

Find out five interesting facts about the September 2018 cover star, Cizzy Bridal

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A Cizzy Bridal design
A Cizzy Bridal design

Check out our star on the cover of our latest issue of Bridal Buyer magazine here.

1. The Brand is Nearly 10 Years Old

Cizzy Bridal was the company’s first and namesake label, which was established in 2009. The label is known for its quality gowns that are classic with a modern twist. In 2015, Zavana Bridal was launched in response to a significant gap in the market for affordable luxury gowns. The company’s most recent label is White April Bridal, which has received an outstanding response since its launch in 2016.

2. They’re Based in Australia

Cizzy is based in Perth, Australia – it started as a family operated business and has now expanded into a recognised international bridal gown supplier. The design team is all Australian based and there is an international production facility.

3. Sheers and Separates for 2019

The brand predicts that bridal separates and sheer panels will be huge trends this year. Following the hype of the royal wedding, Cizzy anticipates timeless and minimal designs will be very popular amongst UK brides.

4. They’ve Launched a New Label

This year the fashion house launched a brand new label, Wedding Societe, at Harrogate. It was the first international bridal exhibition to show the debut collection! The gowns in this collection are bohemian-chic and free spirited.

5. Detachable Elements are Big for Cizzy

Cizzy is best known for its contemporary styles. The company says the most popular gowns are those with modern silhouettes and detachable elements, combined with intricate detailing and unique lace.

For more information about Cizzy Bridal, click here.

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