Exclusive Interview With Cizzy Bridal Ahead of The Harrogate Bridal Show

In an exclusive interview with Bridal Buyer, Cizzy Bridal Australia reveal everything you need to know about the brand ahead of The Harrogate Bridal Show 2019

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Wedding Dress From Cizzy Bridal Austrailia
Wedding Dress From Cizzy Bridal Austrailia

Bridal brand, Cizzy Bridal Australia was established in 2009 in Perth Australia and over the years, the label’s popularity has spread throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

We recently caught up with Cizzy Bridal to see what they have planned for The Harrogate Bridal Show 2019.

For more information about the brand read the diary entrance for Kalvin Chow, CEO & Director of Cizzy Bridal Australia.

Can you give us a quick history of the brand?

CIZZY Bridal Australia is a family owned and operated business located in Perth Western Australia. We have five labels, each one offering a unique aesthetic and appealing to a different bride. Cizzy Bridal is our traditional label showcasing timeless designs for the elegant bride.

Zavana Bridal was created for the extravagant bride who loves intricate detailing and embellishments while White April was inspired by the modern bohemian bride using modern laces and fashion-forward designs.

Wedding Societe appeals to the feminine and free-spirited bride. Our most recent label, Zavana Couture, was designed for the opulent bride who loves to command attention. Using exquisite laces from Holland, Zavana Couture brides are sure to turn heads on their special day.

What is your signature style and what makes you stand out?

Boutique owners and brides love our gowns because they feature unique laces, detailing and fashion-forward designs at affordable prices. Brides especially love that we do many customisations so their gown is truly unique to them.

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What inspired the new collections?

The new collections are always inspired by current fashion trends whilst retaining classic silhouettes for a timeless design every bride will be proud to reminisce about.

What are your most popular styles?

We have noticed a trend in our most loved gowns over the last few years. They all feature feminine and flattering silhouettes using unique laces and detailing.

How has the brand evolved over the years?

Our brand is constantly evolving and we like to keep up with the fashion trends whilst still providing clients with comfort, elegance and style.

Can you tell us a little about how you work with your retailers? Do you do designer days or special events?

We aim to create strong and lasting relationships with our retailers and provide them with an exceptional product and marketing. We have been attending the Harrogate Bridal Show for many years now and recently London Bridal Fashion Week. We always look forward to sharing our new collections with our retailers.

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How many stockists do you have in the UK?

We currently have 13 stockists in the UK.

And your RRP for UK retailers?

Our gowns retail for £900 - £2,500

What will you be bringing to Harrogate this year?

We are very excited to reveal our latest collections from CIZZY Bridal, Zavana Bridal, Zavana Couture, White April & Wedding Societe.

Why is The Harrogate Bridal Show so special for you and what are you most excited about?

The Harrogate Bridal Show was the very first international bridal trade show we exhibited at many years ago and so we have many fond memories. We always look forward to seeing our loyal retailers and meeting new retailers and friends.

What does the future hold for you? Do you have any upcoming plans that you can share with us?

We are very excited about our upcoming collections and are continually working towards creating unique, show-stopping designs. The CIZZY Bridal Australia team is expanding to support existing and new stockists. Stay on the lookout for many new stockists of our labels all over the world especially in Europe.

If you love Cizzy Bridal designs, check out these five things you didn’t know about the brand.

Make sure you register for The Harrogate Bridal Show so you don’t miss out on brands like this and many more.

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