Five Minutes with Kristina Maya

We spent five minutes with Kristina Maya ahead of London Bridal Fashion Week

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Kristina Maya Bridal Couture Designs
Kristina Maya Bridal Couture Designs

Kristina Maya is a dedicated couture designer whose background in design and creation stems from 25 years ago. Kristina has a passion for quality fabrics, reputable techniques and ensuring that the quality of all her designs lives up to expectations.

Each gown is created in the United Kingdom, hand cut and made to order. Kristina Maya’s bridal couture will be showcased at London Bridal Fashion Week.

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Tell us a little bit about Kristina Maya

I designed and made my first outfits in my early teenage years, however, it only felt natural for me to move into couture 25 years ago. Over time I have built an extensive amount of skill and knowledge in design creation, pattern drawings, construction and drapings, all of which have resulted in me being able to offer garments made with high-end techniques.

Whilst I have specialised in evening and occasion wear for many years, the influence that pushed me to launch into the bridal industry came only a few years ago whilst I was holding my daughter’s purchased wedding dress. I subsequently created my first couture wedding dress collection in 2016 and I have been offering bespoke and truly unique gowns ever since.

Does the brand have a signature style?

Kristina Maya stands out for offering unique elegant and classic styles that are created by dedicated and high-quality workmanship. Every aspect of each dress is hand cut and crafted, with a great deal of attention being put into the fine details. All our collections feature beautiful laces, mikados, chiffons and delicate nets, all of which achieve beautifully shaped feminine designs.

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Tell us about what you will be bringing to London Bridal Fashion Week 2019?

I am very excited to take part in London Bridal Fashion Week as I will be launching my first made-to-order collection. This collection features elegant, classic and figure flattering feminine silhouettes which are complemented by luxury and carefully selected materials.

The collection is thoughtfully designed around the practical modern bride as it offers lightweight and comfortable to wear styles. It was also very important for me to ensure that the collection is suitable for brides of different shapes and sizes, and I am very delighted that all my dresses in this collection are also suitable for curvier brides.

Why is it important for you to attend London Bridal Fashion Week?

I would like to inspire more brides to look and feel fabulous on their wedding day, I believe that London Bridal Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity to reach out to brides. It provides the chance for me to launch my designs into the wholesale market in a surrounding that offers an opportunity to showcase my brand new collection and meet the bridal boutique owners at the same time.

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Do you have any trend predictions?

Following the royal wedding, more brides are choosing minimalistic dresses. Nonetheless, I envisage that beaded laces, trains and A-line dresses will also be on the rise in the next year.

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