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HBS 2021: Halo & Co.

Bridal Buyer interview Halo & Co, a luxury fashion accessories brand worn by both celebrity clients and royalty. Renowned for their artisanal bridal headpieces adorned with crystals and semi-precious stones, Halo & Co discuss the inspirations behind their latest collection.

Halo and co main 1.jpg
Halo and co main 1.jpg
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Tell us about the history of the brand?

For over two decades, Halo & Co have been making fashion and bridal headpieces and costume jewellery continuously, won numerous awards, worked with celebrities, VIP’s and even Royalty.

The cornerstone of our business is being a family. Between us, we have worked in the jewellery industry for 3 decades. Our combined hands-on knowledge is irreplaceable, adding a unique quality and craft to each of our pieces. The unity of our whole family working together makes our business extremely personal. That level of care and commitment shines through every department and service we offer.

What are the brand’s secrets to success?

It’s what goes into a Halo & Co product that matters, not only is every product lovely handcrafted from start to finish, with some of our pieces incorporating over 200 individual operations but every process is done in-house, from metalwork, polishing, gem, and hand-setting of each stone, before every item is carefully inspected before it leaves. I guess our secret to success is working really hard and caring about every process. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Can you tell us five interesting facts about Halo and Co?

  1. Not many people know we got a call directly from Buckingham Palace! It was such an honour to be commissioned by Princess Anne, it certainly wasn’t an expected call and not something you expect to hear "Nicola, I have Buckingham Palace on the line for you".
  2. Halo & Co designed the accessories and costume embellishments for the Spice Girls world tour, and we completed over 8 costume changes for all 4 girls in just one week. Using tens of thousands of crystals.
  3. We have a three-hour stretch policy for our team--making jewellery can be very physical, sitting hunched over for long periods of time can cause neck and shoulder fatigue, so we introduced the "get up and stretch on 3" routine to our day. It’s also fun, but actually very necessary!
  4. This one sounds crazy but we were one of the 1st companies worldwide to produce crown/tiara type headwear for the bridal market! Before we started, the haberdashery circle was the latest thing.
  5. It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference, so we make sure every design has extensive fit tests.

Is there anything that ties the pieces together?

Halo & Co drive sales by ensuring looks and trends are new and refreshing, and that collections have something that ties the pieces together, yet creates styles that can be used to accessories individual personalities of our customers. We recognise stores need to have choice when selecting, and accessories need to compliment dresses from a myriad of labels. Our unique DNA is how we blend ideas, shapes, materials and colours together seamlessly, so that consumer enjoys a visual journey without knowing the core inspiration. For us, it’s about creating desire.

How can retailers get in touch to order from your latest collection?

We love talking to retailers. We are a big fan of the phone and making that personal connection, but we know life isn’t like that as we are all working around the clock. We connect with retailers in a method that works for them, from DM’s on Instagram and sharing the latest images, to buying from our dedicated wholesale web portal to Zoom appointments. Our website is For email enquiries, please contact us at Most importantly, this season’s collection will be launched at the Harrogate Bridal show, at stand Q34.


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