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Alexia Designs UK Appoints Liquidators

Liquidators have been appointed in the UK for bridal brand Alexia Designs.

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Alexia Designs UK appoints liquidators
Alexia Designs UK appoints liquidators

We’re sorry to report that bridal brand Alexia Designs have appointed liquidators in the UK and the team have all been made redundant. Despite this, the team are doing all they can to contact clients to inform them of the situation.

The BBSA have collated the following information to help those affected by this news:

  1. There are only about 40 dresses (bridal & maids only) as open orders. All these are all due for delivery within the next four weeks. All dresses are in production and will be delivered as ordered.
  2. It is only the UK branch of the company that has gone in to liquidation, the USA side is fine and still trading.
  3. Customers with open orders should be contacted by USA office, to establish delivery/payment details.
  4. Customers can still trade with Alexia in USA if they wish, but only for maids and prom, as the USA branch does not do bridal.

The BBSA commented: “We know Claire and the girls have done EVERYTHING to keep things going, but unfortunately it appears they were not fully supported from USA. Clair was visibly upset when she said: ‘We are sorry, we tried everything and hope that our customers understand this’. I’m sure we all wish them well for the future and hope that it all works out for their customers who are affected.”

Information correct at time of reporting. More on this story as it develops.

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