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House of Mooshki Unveil New Dress Designing App

House of Mooshki have developed their own app in the hopes it will increase orders for the brand and their stockists, as brides can create their own dream Mooshki wedding dress

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House of Mooshki Launch Wedding Dress App
House of Mooshki Launch Wedding Dress App

House of Mooshki have been hard at work over the past couple of months – not only did they unveil their 2018 collection to great acclaim by revealing a dress a day on Instagram, but they have also launched their very own app.

The Mooshki Wedding Dress Designer is just £2.99 and is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play.

We caught up with owner of Mooshki Bridal, Vikki McCarthy, to find out why they decided to develop an app and how it can help both retailers and brides in the current tricky climate that is the bridal industry: “This app has been in production for months – we designed it to enable our brides to be able to engage with us more. Not everyone can describe exactly what dress they picture in their head, so we’re trying to make it easier for them to do so.

“The app features thousands of different elements, all hand-drawn by the team so brides are able to truly design the dress of their dreams and customise creations using different elements from existing dresses.

“We know that the bridal industry has been suffering lately so we wanted to create something designed to drive orders – both for us as a designer and for our stockists too.

“This first version of the app is aimed at brides, but we’re currently developing a version that will be exclusive to our stockists and will allow them to create custom couture designs with brides in store on their iPads.

“It costs just £2.99 and is a great tool for brides to play with to help them decide exactly what kind of dress they want.”

As the industry continues to change and develop, it makes sense to reach brides through all platforms available – what do you think of an app that allows you to help your clients create custom designs in store? Share your views in the comments section below.

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