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Our Exclusive Interview with Enzoani

This bridal heavyweight shares what it has planned for this year’s show. Check out the brand’s biggest trends and best-selling styles...

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Beautiful bridal gown by established bridal brand Enzoani
Beautiful bridal gown by established bridal brand Enzoani

What lines will you be bringing to Harrogate?

We will have Enzoani, Blue by Enzoani and Beautiful.

Enzoani designer Kang Chun Lin’s signature style exudes timeless elegance with fashion-forward translations of classic bridal designs, lace details, exquisite beadwork and superior product construction.

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Blue by Enzoani was founded in 2007, and epitomizes the quintessential, classic bride by offering styles that endure time and tradition without forsaking fashion and price.

This collection’s detailing and styling are carefully designed and curated by Kang Chun Lin, with each gown meticulously and thoughtfully constructed to produce a high-quality fit and finish. It is moderately priced and is meant to complement the flagship label.

The third label, Beautiful, was established in 2012, and embodies many of the style and quality elements as its sister collections, but with an emphasis on understated, feminine styling.

This collection’s styles are influenced by Kang Chun Lin’s own background and inspirations, keeping embellishments on each gown subtle yet tastefully modern. The Beautiful Bridal collection is designed to achieve the same luxury and taste as Enzoani and Blue by Enzoani but at a modest price point.

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How would you describe the brand’s signature style?

The Enzoani brand emerged in 2006, and quickly rose to compete with top brands by merging traditional and modern European styles into exquisitely handcrafted gowns. From its initial launch, Enzoani has become one of the most sought-after brands across multiple continents due to its dedication to innovative style, exceptional quality, and above all, a fit and finish.

What styles can we expect to see from you at Harrogate this year?

We will show 30 gowns from Enzoani, 33 from Blue and 28 by Beautiful.

Look out for romantic and dramatic trains, which feature throughout all the collections, paired with a variety of fabrics to give that twist. Completely nude panelling to the gowns also makes a statement, something that UK customers seem to be embracing even through its risqué nature.

Every silhouette and neckline seem to be running through the collections, even the deep V-necklines that caused a stir a season ago are now being purchased. Body-clinging stretch Georgette is featured for those brides who dare, but also more forgiving ball gowns, A-lines and drop waist gowns for retailers that prefer to play it safe.

Colour is prominently ivory, but there are hints of mocha and nude under layers, giving a natural warmth to the dress. If you are an existing retailer waiting to see this season’s creations, or a retailer looking for a multiple award-winning company to partner up with, why not come over and see us, we may be able to help (we always like a chat anyway).

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Any trend predictions that you expect to see at the show?

Definitely some sparkle, statement trains and the ever popular naked/nude panelling. At first, retailers were nervy about nude panelling, but it has proved to be a huge success. A recent sneak peek of Lainey from Blue by Enzoani had almost 90k views in just a few hours.

Glitter and sparkle seems to be very much the trend coming back through as are 3D embellishments. Also, we are seeing more high lace necklines, which give a classical demure look to the gown.

How many stockists do you have?

Enzoani has around 76 retailers, Blue by Enzoani has 92 and Beautiful has 89 throughout the UK mainland, Northern and Republic of Ireland. Enzoani has over 1,200 retailers globally.

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Why is The Harrogate Bridal Show so special for you?

It is a time to welcome new and existing retailers alike.

As Enzoani has a once a yearly collection, launched in early March, we see this as one last final flurry and a chance for retailers to pick up gowns they may have missed. The Harrogate Bridal Show is where we love to speak to potential new retailers and give them an insight in to Enzoani, where you gain outstanding customers service, exceptional quality and, of course, beautifully crafted gowns.

For more information, visit their stand Q6A, or contact them here.

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