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Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Dress: Leading Bridal Designers Share Their Views

We spoke with leading bridal designers following Princess Eugenie’s wedding to get their views on her long-sleeved wedding dress, which featured a portrait neckline

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Princess Eugenie and Jack on their wedding day. Image taken from Royal Family Instagram feed
Princess Eugenie and Jack on their wedding day. Image taken from Royal Family Instagram feed

We spoke with leading bridal designers, Caroline Castigliano, Gill Harvey and Sassi Holford to find out what they thought of the Princess Eugenie’s fitted, low back dress and Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara. Read more about Eugenie’s wedding outfit here.

Caroline Castigliano

"The princess looked classic with a contemporary twist. The long sleeves were in line with royal tradition whilst the cuff style neckline and full flowing skirt in a jacquard print had a fresh and simplistic sense. Meanwhile, I think the back was slightly daring and had an edge.

"The gown by Peter Pilotto is entirely different to Kate’s and Meghan’s - Kate’s bridal gown by McQueen was traditional with a high neck and lace sleeves - very much the gown of the future Queen. On the other hand Mehgan’s dress was very simple with a stunning neckline and on trend with bridal designs today.

"Eugenie has been heavily criticised for her style over the years and it has been very unfair. I think she has learnt silhouettes that work for her – I loved the Erdem dress she wore to announce the engagement – she had a fabulous 50’s style dress on at the races this summer. She has absolutely nailed it with her wedding look, everything about the gown was perfect and the emerald tiara and earrings add a sense of sparkle.

"Princess Eugenie is a stunning bride, she’s very beautiful, she has stunning colouring and her fabulous wedding dress looked truly outstanding."

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Gill Harvey from Eliza Jane Howell

"I think we were all surprised by Eugenie’s choice of designer for her wedding gown, but on second thoughts this young royal was always going to surprise us. Her quirky, individual style coupled with the confines of royal protocol were very much on display with this gown.

"The bespoke silk jacquard fabric, although not my favourite choice, displayed images that are important to the bride and groom - a thistle for their love of Balmoral, a shamrock for her mother Sarah Ferguson’s ancestors and the White Rose of York to remember her belated, great grandmother. I am also sure that the elder royals appreciated this gentle nod to tradition.

"Overall, I liked the dress. The front held no surprises but the back was stupendous, like the best piece of origami I have ever seen on a gown. During the ceremony the guests and the public were facing her back, and for Eugenie this held great significance as the dress displayed the scar from the back surgery she had to correct her scoliosis as a child.

"The simplicity of both Megan’s and now Eugenie’s gowns is not the easiest to emulate. This type of gown has to be couture to be beautiful. There is nowhere to hide a bad stitch and if the dress does not fit perfectly it can look dreadful. Kate’s dress did start a frenzy for lace, but a lot can be hidden in a lace dress.

"As for her accessories, Eugenie must have been spoilt for choice when the Queen opened up her Aladdin’s cave of royal gems for her great day. I love the fact that Eugenie chose a tiara belonging to her late great grandmother and now in the Queen’s own extensive collection of amazing tiaras. The Grenville emerald and diamond tiara took centre stage and perfectly complemented the bride’s radiant complexion and shining eyes. A great choice and looked super with the earrings that her fiancé had given her as a wedding present.

"With the world’s press watching and almost hoping that she might make a sartorial gaffe, Eugenie was elegant and beautiful on her wedding day. I think everyone was pleased."

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Sassi Holford

"I thought Princess Eugenie’s wedding gown was beautiful, timeless and traditional. The portrait neckline perfectly framed her face and enhance her waistline. I also thought the neckline and collar perfectly complemented the shape of the Greville tiara which carries so much history and heritage of the Royal Family. I was thrilled that she chose to have a British designer make her dress as we have a great fashion base in London and it’s important that members of The Royal Family embrace that.

"I wasn’t surprised by the style she chose, I think Eugenie’s style has changed in the last five years, she’s 28 now, I think she’s at that age where you start to develop that core style. Things have simplified and I thought she would probably go for cleaner lines, which she did with a brilliant modern twist on a royal wedding gown. Following on from Meghan and Harry’s wedding we are seeing clean cut dresses and long veils becoming increasingly popular, I would imagine that the low V back that Eugenie chose will follow that pattern and be featured in a lot of 2019 weddings."

The Royal Family have forever influenced fashion trends and there’s no doubt that Eugenie’s dress choice will have a similar effect in our industry. Help your brides avoid royal wedding dress scams with our Group Content Editor’s top tips.

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