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Q&A with Propress

Propress Steamers has enjoyed an unparalleled reputation among professionals for over 30 years. We chat to the team about their success

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As the best choice for long-term cost-effectiveness, Propress steamers save businesses money and provide peace of mind for top brands and event organisers whose own reputations are based on quality and reliability.

Tell us a bit about the products you offer

The PRO 290 series is the perfect choice for smaller operations and a less demanding environment. Its two-litre capacity gives an hour of uninterrupted steaming, and it is lightweight and mobile. The PRO 580 series has a larger boiler capacity, so it lasts longer. Although, ultimately designed for heavier, continuous use, its standby setting makes it ideal for daily intermittent use when you need a steamer on hand for instant crease removal. Almost identical in external dimensions and weight to the PRO290 series, its durability, flexibility and mobility make it popular for a very varied range of applications from fashion to automotive and domestic.

What are your unique selling points?

Propress steamers are easy to use and their reliability means that time is also very rarely lost in servicing, repairs or replacements. We also believe this is the best bet for long-term cost-effectiveness and will save businesses money. The efficiency of the steamer itself means it runs lower operating costs both in terms of overall energy consumption and labour expenses, since it is so quick to use. Plus, our steamers love fabric and will bring out the best of even delicate fibres, and owing to the quality of the steam, tackles even the toughest folds and crinkles - so it’s no surprise it’s the first choice for those competing in a challenging high-street environment.

Do you offer any other services to your clients?

We back our garment steamers with an unrivalled level of service - another reason why our relationships last years and even decades. In the unlikely event of your steamer needing a service of repair, we can provide a replacement, usually by the next day if not before. For multiple retailers we can also take care of any health and safety concerns you might have, and also organise staff training.

The team is proud of its products, and will continue to consistently meet the needs of all its clients

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