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Retailers should vote with their feet

Sincerity’s Nick Day has called for retailers to vote with their feet when it comes to buying at trade shows.

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Speaking at The London Bridal Show this week, Nick said: “Wouldn’t it be great if all your suppliers were just in two places a year? You need all manufactures to support two exhibitions a year and it’s up to the retailers now to say, ‘if you want me to buy from you then I will see you in London or Harrogate’. You don’t want to be trailing around the country, so stop bowing down to them.”

He added that in buying twice a year retailers can keep their stores fresh with an influx of new stock several times a year.

Boutique owner Ellie Sanderson too stated that brides are more fashion savvy than ever before and so designers need to look at the speed with which new designs are available to consumers.

At the FAQ seminar at The London Bridal Show the panel discussed the use of social media, with brides-to-be “snow blinded” by the sheer amount of images and inspiration out there on Pinterest and the like. You and Your Wedding’s Peta Hunt said: “They go onto Pinterest and collect images of dresses that are on the catwalk, so might not be available, are out of stock, or five years old. It gives girls an unrealistic view of what they can expect.”

Offering words of advice for boutiques dealing with demanding shoppers, Maria Musgrove of Pantiles Bride said, “if someone is hell-bent on something then use the word ‘suggest’, don’t say you ‘shouldn’t’ or ‘can’t’ but just ‘advise’.” She added: “I will look at the general theme across their Pinterest board and then the one question I ask if what is really important about her dress.”

“You’ve got to use positive language and manoeuvre them,” said Ellie. “They are completely snow blinded by what is going on online but it isn’t going to stop so we need to get with it.”

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