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Introducing an Exciting New Project at Bridal Buyer

We’re thrilled to announce that we are launching a series of podcasts, starting on 1st May

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Bridal Buyer to Launch Podcast Series
Bridal Buyer to Launch Podcast Series

The team here at Bridal Buyer are launching a podcast whereby we will talk about all things bridal. It’s incredibly important that we’re talking about topics you’re interested in, and so we’d love for you to let us know if there is anything you’d like us to cover.

Do you have any pressing questions or favourite bridal topics? Think retail, business and fashion advice, news and general industry information. Is there anything we’ve not touched on that you’d like us to? Or, is there a topic you’ve seen us previously cover, that you’d like us to expand on? Can you think of an industry professional, particular designer, or bridal shop owner that you’d like us to invite in and have a chat with?

We don’t only want your questions, but it would be great to get industry news from those at the forefront of the industry – you! Is your shop celebrating an anniversary, or a staff member this month? Maybe you’d like to get involved? Do you have any advice for other retailers? Let us know!

We will also be discussing our Wonder Woman Wednesday features during the podcast, so don’t forget to send us women who inspire you, and we’ll make sure we cover them.

In order to ensure we’re talking about topics that will interest you, make sure you get in touch with Sophie at

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