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Luxe Bride UK to Launch its Own Outlet for Retailers

As they strive to elevate their luxury product, the collection of retailers known as Luxe Bride UK have now added an outlet experience to their portfolio

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Luxe Bride announces the launch of their new outlet
Luxe Bride announces the launch of their new outlet

As of the 3rd January 2018, Luxe Bride UK will be launching the Luxe Bride Outlet by Swoon.

Surrey-based retailer Deborah Kidd, Director of Swoon, will be rebranding her wedding samples shop to the Luxe Bride Outlet and will sell only designer samples.

This development was announced at the annual Luxe Bride UK summit, which took place early in December. The Luxe Bride Outlet is set to launch at the start of the new year, once Deborah has had time to refresh her stock and re-establish her store.

Speaking of the change, Deborah said: “I am delighted to be working so closely with the UK’s top luxury bridal shops and cannot wait to change my business model to sell only the very best of samples.

“We offer a luxury experience for all brides on a budget looking to find a perfect dress. The market seems to be saturated at the moment with Chinese imports and so elevating Swoon to luxury designer dresses is a considered decision in order to keep my business ahead of the market.”

Ellie Sanderson, Commercial Director of Luxe Bride, elaborated: “We are thrilled to have Deborah in the Luxe Bride Team of Retailers, as market conditions continue to get harder we want to make sure our luxury samples are handled with the right expertise.

“Deborah can offer a luxury experience, in-store styling and in-store fitting. These are all the minimums expected of a Luxe Bride Retailer.”

Want to read more from Ellie? She shared her views on the changing business model with us here.

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