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Mandy Chua, Marketing Director at Justin Alexander, Shares Her NYBFW Diary

Mandy Chua, Marketing Director at Justin Alexander, shares her New York Bridal Fashion Week diary with us to give a glimpse into what it’s like behind the scenes at one of the event’s most anticipated bridal shows

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Mandy Chua's NYBFW Diary
Mandy Chua's NYBFW Diary

Wednesday October 4

13:00 Putting the final touches on the looks. The design team made a flash decision to add another bomber jacket to the show and quickly started to sew.


14:00 We were quite fortunate to work with many partners who helped make the show a great success. The team headed over to the Nina Shoes headquarters to pull the last few pairs of shoes.


15:00 Presentation order is finalized, partners are booked, and the run of show is sent to the printer just under the wire.


17:00 Time to get creative! We commissioned an art installation – a 4.25m-tall mylar tree – as the center of our runway space. We wanted to incorporate this into our dress styling, so the team made custom earrings out of the mylar leaves.


21:00 It’s getting late, but I want to make sure everything is organized for load out the next day. I print the final look images that will be attached to the hangers and bag all of the shoes with their corresponding look number.


Take a look at the Justin Alexander Autumn/Winter 2018 collection catwalk imagery here.


Thursday October 5th

Thursday October 5th

7:00 The artist’s crew arrives to install the tree, as well as a backdrop for our images. The process will take about 10 hours and 15 guys – no small feat!


10:00 I meet the JA team at our New York office to bring the dresses and supplies to the venue. It’s much more than they expected, but we make it work!


13:00 Justin and I finalize the layout of the studio, making sure the chair risers and lighting are properly positioned. The design and marketing team steam the gowns and organize the looks so the dressers and models know exactly what to do the next day.


17:00 Closing up shop! Time to go home and get ready for the big day.


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Friday October 6th

Friday October 6th


7:00 I leave my apartment and pick up coffee for our crew on my way to Venue 57. By the time I arrive, the design and photography team is busy shooting looks from the Justin Alexander Signature FW18 collection.


9:00 Our first model arrives, and there is a palpable excitement in the air! We partnered with Yves Durif Salon for hair styling, Fawn Monique for Aveda for makeup, and Lulu Cooper for nails. We’ve already had a run-through and they know exactly what to do, so I let them get to work, and I head back downstairs to finalize the seating arrangement with our production and PR agency.


10:45 Run through! The DJ, show callers, and Justin show the models how to walk the space.


11:00 Justin takes backstage interviews amidst the buzzing around of everyone putting the final touches on the models and the space.


11:30 Guests arrive. Backstage the models slip into the dresses. Unusually, the backstage area is very zen. Models are in position and take a collective deep breath. Everyone is patiently waiting for the show to begin.


12:15 Justin takes his position back of house to make sure the models look perfect before hitting the runway. I head to the front of house to help signal the DJ.


12:20 The window shades come down, the spotlights blink, the tree sparkles like a diamond, and the music radiates through the speakers. To much anticipation, the Justin Alexander Fall/Winter 2018 show begins. Silhouette, simplicity, and embellishment take center stage in 18 looks that explore what is modern in bridal while considering what makes real women feel beautiful.


12:35 The finale wraps with two models framed around the tree, and editors and guest rush to get close up shots and congratulate Justin on a job well done. Applause, smiles, and laughter fill the room, and our team shares a celebratory toast. That’s a wrap (…until next season…)!


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