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Pinterest Bridal Trends for 2018 so far

Pinterest have created an informative list of facts and stats explaining top bridal trends for 2018 so far

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Hazaar of London lace top
Hazaar of London lace top

We love Pinterest’s bridal trend report. Detailing bridal, engagement, and hair and beauty trends for 2018, it’s your essential guide to what’s trending in bridal this year. The first thing the report deduces is that comfort is of great importance to brides this year. More and more brides are opting for jumpsuits and flats as they rate comfortably dancing with friends and family to be of greater importance than a traditional bridal look.

Pinterest’s report also found an increase in the number of couples partaking in an incredibly adorable practise: future spouses are personalising the soles of their partners’ shoes with written, loving notes. This could be a modern take on the traditional rhyme whereby the bride wears a sixpence in her shoe to bring the happy couple good luck in their married lives. Charlotte Mills’ shoes fit with this personal touch as all shoes are subtly engraved on the base with this rhyme: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” The engraving of this traditional rhyme on the soles of all Charlotte Mills shoes makes the brand incredibly relevant to bridal fashion this year.

Pinterest also reports that brides are favouring extra coverage over more revealing gowns, as high necklines and toppers have risen in popularity. Sun Yu Hong designs exhibit high top necks and plenty of coverage whist veering away from the traditional bridal look. Meanwhile, Hazaar of London’s lace tops, worn over one of their gowns, offers optional coverage throughout the day.

2018 seems to be the year for brides and grooms alike to show individuality, bucking traditional trends, as we see a 165% rise in the tweed suit.

For engagement rings, Pinterest reports a whopping increase in moissanite gems, art deco inspired styles, and those with oval stones. Meanwhile, for hairstyles, we can see an incredible 1247% increase in brides opting for the messy buns.

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