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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Sarah Zhaung

The award-winning jewellery designer Sarah Zhaung is next up in our Wonder Woman Wednesday series…

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Award-winning jewellery designer Sarah Zhaung
Award-winning jewellery designer Sarah Zhaung

Sarah Zhaung, an award-winning jewellery designer from Hong Kong, crafts intricate and feminine designs from 18kt gold and precious gemstones. Sarah’s versatile earrings, rings and necklaces include detachable tassels and interlocking rings that give the modern woman the option to change her looks from daytime to statement.

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Tell us about your background

I grew up in a family that’s been in the jewellery industry for over two decades, my sister and I took over our family business five years ago and I was in charge of design. The first jewellery design course I took was from Gemological Institute of America in Hong Kong, which really changed my perspective on jewellery; I fell in love with design. After this I studied many jewellery design courses from different institutes and cities to try and learn as much as I could.

A year and a half ago, I decided to launch my own brand - Sarah Zhuang Jewellery. Within a year and a half, we have expanded outside to Japan, China and London. It’s been an amazing journey, I’ve learnt and grown so much as an individual, and I’m very glad to have found my passion.

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What inspired you to set up your own jewellery brand?

Jewellery is my biggest passion in life, as soon as I took my first jewellery design course, I knew it was something I would want to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to create a brand that really expresses my design philosophy.

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What are your secrets to success?

  1. Face all difficult situations with a positive attitude, never let negativity affect your motivation.
  2. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance with a busy lifestyle. It’s important to be passionate about your work, but don’t let work take over your personal life. Having one or two hobbies that you really enjoy doing is a great way to balance.
  3. Always find opportunities to learn something new, it’s the best way to stimulate your mind and find inspiration.

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What’s your greatest achievement so far?

I once met Jackie Chan during a business trip in Tokyo, he saw a Dragon watch that I designed and was very interested (his name means Dragon in Chinese). When I explained that the watch frame can be detached and worn as a pendant, he was fascinated and said to me “You just blew my mind away. I’d like you to design some jewellery for me.” To have a legendary movie star say that to me was truly unforgettable and meaningful, it made me so happy and motivated.

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Who’s your greatest female inspiration?

Cindy Chao. Everyone one of her jewellery pieces is like a miniature work of art, her design ethos is so strong and distinctive, you can always tell when you see a Cindy Chao piece. Also, I love her fashion style; she always looks smart and chic.

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What’s your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part is the creation process, when I design I’m really in my zone and the world disappears. I also enjoy meeting different people through work and travels, building relationships with my partners and customers.

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What does your typical working day look like?

Every day is different. There are days when I spend the whole day in the office replying to emails, managing stocks, planning marketing activities etc. Some days I would just stay in my workshop and draw for hours. There are also days when I’m out all day attending different events and meetings.

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Can you tell me five interesting facts about yourself?

  1. Writing is my other passion besides design. I published a science fiction novel three years ago, currently working on my second novel and hope to publish it next year.
  2. I listen to rap music when I design.
  3. My favourite hobbies are snowboarding and salsa dancing.
  4. I go to the gym and lift weights two to three times a week.
  5. I snack a lot, like non-stop. Wherever I am, there is always a drawer full of snacks.

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