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Jesus Peiro – a key influence

The Spanish designer house, Jesus Peiro, will be showing at White Gallery in May (22-24). Bridal Buyer talked to Merche Segarra, the highly-talented woman behind the label and responsible for its instantly-recognisable look

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Jesus Peiro was established in 1988 and remains true to its early goals – to create contemporary wedding gowns where cut and line is exemplary and the finish couture. Based in Barcelona, the very heart of the Spanish bridal industry, designer Merche Segarra continues to produce breathtakingly beautiful dresses; the 2012 collection will be a huge attraction at White Gallery London and Merche explains why it is so special.

Q Where do you get the inspiration from?
It is a combination of the latest trends, and the handwriting of the label.

Q What characterises your 2012 collection?
The subtle blend of East and West, which accentuates femininity and sophistication in a very romantic tone.

Q There are many male designer in the field. Do you think a woman’s approach is different?
The personality of the designer is always present in a collection.

Q Is there a lot of your own personality in your designs? Or are they more influenced by general fashion trends or by market needs?
Trends and market needs are top priority for me but, inevitably, it is a label’s style and personaliy that differentiates it from others.

Q What makes a designer-dress be worth its price?
Above all it is the time spent in creating it, as much on the choice of material and the complexity and individuality of the design.

Q Can the average person tell the difference between a designer gown and a manufacturered dress?
I think the consumer can see the difference in quality and also in originality of the design.

Q Bridal fashion should touch the people. Which feelings do you want to evoke when people look at your designs or when a bride wears one of your dresses?
Femininity, delicacy and beauty. I think a bridalgown must fulfil every dream.

Q What makes bridal exciting and extraordinary for you? What’s the particular challenge?
It is all about creating garments for a unique occasion. My biggest challenge is to always make the dress enhance the bride, ensuring she is the true star.

Q Luxury fabrics are very important for luxurius designer-dresses. Which are your favourites for 2012 and why?
I find textured fabrics very attractive, but I always have a soft spot for the ensemble of sheer fabrics – organdies, organzas and silk voiles – which let you match opaque and translucent. Light and movement achieve colourless colour.

Q Why should brides allow themselves the luxury of a designers-dress?
Because it is an important day, a unique moment and a great thrill that deserves to be celebrated in a truly special way.

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