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Top 3 Dresses: Halfpenny London

We asked talented designer Kate Halfpenny to tell us about her top three dresses from her most recent collection... 

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Bobby Top and Bay Skirt over Oliver Dress

Alexander Corset and James-Lee Skirt

Daniel Top and Christian Skirt over Oliver Dress

Top 3 Dresses: Halfpenny London Top 3 Dresses: Halfpenny London Top 3 Dresses: Halfpenny London

What represents a Halfpenny London bride?

The Halfpenny bride is definitely not one type of person. Our collection offers something for every bride; from relaxed, effortlessly cool separates to slinky silhouettes or full skirts and exquisitely detailed corsets.

Why would you say these dresses sum up the Halfpenny style?

These three dresses give a hint of the diversity we have on offer as well as the commitment to expert craftsmanship and premium textiles. They are so different but all retain our signature style.

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What makes option one appeal to your target bride?

The beauty of our designs is that you can mix and match between any collection to make a totally unique look for every bride. The Oliver dress is devastatingly elegant on its own, but the addition of the Christian skirt and Daniel top is perfect for our fashion-forward brides.

Why did you choose dress two?

The 3D appliqué flowers on this skirt and top fuel my obsession with textiles and the pleated organza trim is a beautiful finish touch.

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Tell us a bit about your third choice.

I really adore the colour of the skirt and the way the fabric drapes. Paired with the showstopping sequinned corset, this is an ultra glamorous look.

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