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Halloween Window Displays: An Interview with Nora Eve Bridal

We caught up with boutique owner Emma Swain to learn more about how their Halloween window display entices customers during this spooky period

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Nora Eve Bridal's Halloween display 2018
Nora Eve Bridal's Halloween display 2018

Chesterfield-based bridal boutique, Nora Eve Bridal, is well known for its eye-catching window displays. Staying true to tradition, this year the team have created a Halloween-themed display showcasing the boutique’s beautiful collection of dresses amongst a broomstick, a witch’s hat, a cauldron, an assortment of pumpkins and the star of the show, a skeleton.

We caught up with boutique owner Emma Swain to find out how customers react to their themed windows as well as their top tips for other retailers looking to theme their displays.

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Tell us about your Halloween-themed window display

Our window display is not only designed to get into the spirit of Halloween, but also to capture the essence of autumn. We’ve kept it current with a mixture of vintage furniture and earthy tones, as well as showcasing the vibrant autumnal colour palette that we all know and love.

Skeletons are scattered with joyous expressions, which embody the notion ‘till death us do part’, which has allowed us to tie the theme in with our store seamlessly.

Why do you theme your window displays?

We theme our window displays around a variety of events throughout the year, keeping in line with popular events and holidays; we believe that this keeps our store aesthetic and relatable for all of our customers, whether they are returning, new or prospective.

When creating your window displays, where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration can be found anywhere, from the weather, to the seasons, to a feeling or emotion. For us, it’s all about relating that inspiration to wedding dresses, because that is what we live and breathe for here at Nora Eve.

What reaction do you gain from customers?

We always get a positive reaction from our customers, through keeping our displays current, relatable and relevant. We keep our displays whimsical and romantic no matter what the theme, because ultimately we’re all about love and romance.

A great window display is so important to entice customers, here are our top tips to help you create an amazing window display.

What tips do you have for other retailers looking do to the same?

At Nora Eve, we put our heart and soul into what we do, the service we provide and ultimately, the products we have to offer; we live and breathe all things bridal, so for us, the key is to keep our product and service as the focal point of any window display, regardless of the other factors for inspiration. By doing this, we have found that we keep sight of what is important to us and our customers.

For your themed window display inspiration, see our favourite Halloween displays from 2017.

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