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The Benefits of Joining the BBSA

Interested in joining the BBSA? Here is everything you need to know!

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BBSA Brides Beware stand
BBSA Brides Beware stand

The British Bridal Suppliers Association (BBSA) is a group of UK-based suppliers of bridal and groomswear, as well as bridal retailers.

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The BBSA was established in March 2013, and for the past six years its aim has been to promote and represent the interests of their members. Since launching, the BBSA has been instrumental in raising awareness of the issue of rogue traders who are passing off sub-standard copies of wedding dresses as their own designs.

By working in partnership with the UKFT, they have successfully lobbied for an Early Day Motion on counterfeit dresses and can offer advice to members taking legal action against counterfeit websites, internet service providers and international delivery companies.

The importance of working together in this industry is crucial and the BBSA understands the vitalness of this.

Retailer member benefits include:

Inclusion in Bridal Sale Week, which is held twice a year in November and July. Bridal Sale Week is a fantastic way to sell off samples and discontinued stock to boost cash-flow in time for the next buying season. Bridal Sale Week is advertised internationally.

Support from the BBSA Brides Beware campaign at retail and trade shows across the country. Every year the Brides Beware campaign takes place at 10-12 events, educating over 80,000 brides about the dangers of buying their wedding dress online.

Exclusive member-only offers. The BBSA partners with relevant parties to offer members exclusive deals, including discounts and free insurance.

Working with UKFT. By working with UKFT, the BBSA is able to supply parliament with information to demonstrate that large search engines and online auction sites are breaking the law by allowing clients to use photography they don’t own to sell sub-standard products.

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Supplier member benefits include:

Exchanging information. Working with other suppliers and retailers to share knowledge and information to bring both sides of the industry together.

Account management. Using financial account management to help suppliers and retailers achieve productive and cohesive communication.

Code of conduct. By belonging to the BBSA and adhering to the professional code of conduct you can offer your clients an enormous amount of reassurance in what can be quite turbulent times, where online businesses can start and disappear overnight.

Supporting small businesses. Large companies have full time members of staff to manage PR campaigns, maintain professional standards and to lobby parliament. With the support of the BBSA, even small companies can achieve this.

Your committee. The BBSA has an eleven-strong committee with a mixture of men and women of varying ages and professions, including designers and manufacturers, as well accessory and groomswear companies. Their expertise and passion is instrumental to achieving the BBSA’s shared goals.

Deals and discounts. BBSA members are eligible for exclusive discounts on trade show stands in the UK and Europe. There are also deals available on products and services to help members reduce their overheads.

PR campaigns. With the support of both trade and consumer publications, the BBSA is able to inform brides about the pitfalls of purchasing a counterfeit wedding dress online.

Information and advice. When counterfeit companies continue to steal images and infringe copyright, the BBSA can give advice on taking legal action against them, the internet service providers and international delivery companies.

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Belonging to the BBSA and adhering to its professional code of conduct – whether a supplier or a retailer - will give your customers enormous reassurance. For more information, contact or visit stand Q9a at The Harrogate Bridal Show.

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