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Which social scheduling tool is best for your brand?

We give you a breakdown of four social scheduling tools you should consider for your business.

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When it comes to social media marketing it can often be hard to know where to start. Building a brand and growing your social media is a vital part of any bridal business if you want to stay relevant and attract new customers. However, social media takes time and often this is time you simply don’t have as a business owner. This is where social scheduling tools come in. We’ve compiled a summary of everything you need to know about four of the big names in social scheduling, to help you determine which tool may work best for your business.


Created in 2014, MeetEdgar was one of the first tools to produce a system focused on automation of repeated content. The tool champions evergreen content (SEO content that continually remains relevant and is not time sensitive), with its category-based queues which allow you to set up recurring schedules, thus saving time but ensuring consistent content output.


  1. Edgar Lite: For $19 per month this includes up to 3 social media accounts, unlimited scheduled posts, 10 weekly automations, and 4 categories for labeling content.
  2. Edgar: For $49 per month this includes up to 25 social media accounts, unlimited scheduled posts, 1,000 weekly automations, and unlimited categories for labeling content.

Both plans include a free first month.


  • Money-back guarantee if you choose to cancel your account after the first month you are charged
  • Recurring posting queues for evergreen content. Once you have set up a recurring schedule you can be consistently active on your social media without having to do a whole lot and saving yourself some time. The publishing queues will repeat once the allotted content runs out. Without creating these schedules, the only content that will be shared is that which you manually schedule. For example, you could create various categories such as ‘dress inspiration’, ‘wedding quotes’, or ‘store information’ and save different content under each category. The content within each category will then be published according to the automated time slots that you have added on your schedule page.
  • Suggested copy variations. When adding new content, the editor offers the option to create automatic variations. For example, if adding a link to the edit window, the editor will pull content from that link and create 4 different combinations. You can then edit these variations to ensure they reflect your brand voice.


  • No in-depth analytical tools
  • Limited Instagram tools
  • No Pinterest scheduling


Despite marketing themselves as “The world’s favourite Instagram marketing platform”, Later also allows you to schedule content to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok.


  1. Free: Includes 1 social set, 30 posts per social profile, 1 user
  2. Starter: From $15 per month this includes 1 social set, 60 posts per social profile, 1 user
  3. Growth: From $25 per month this includes 1 social set, 150 posts per social profile, 3 users
  4. Advanced: From $40 per month this includes 1 social set, unlimited posts per social profile, 6 users

It is worth noting that each paid plan is offered a 17% discount if billed yearly.


  • The calendar layout allows you to easily see exactly what is scheduled across all platforms, and offers a filter to see only unused content
  • If posting the same content across multiple platforms, images can be edited whilst scheduling, thus customizing each post for the specific social channel
  • Depending on which plan you choose, Later offers in-depth Instagram analytics such as audience engagement, story performance, and even hashtag analytics


  • Heavy focus on Instagram which may not suit you if you require a scheduling tool that allows more in-depth analytics on other social media channels

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Hootsuite is another scheduling tool capable of automating post scheduling and covers many of the social media needs of small businesses.


  1. Free: This includes 3 social accounts and up to 30 posts to be scheduled at any one time
  2. Professional Plan: For £39 per month this includes 10 social accounts, unlimited scheduling, 1 user
  3. Team: For £99 per month this includes 20 social accounts, unlimited scheduling, 3 users
  4. Business: For £520 per month this includes 35 social accounts, unlimited scheduling, 5-10 users, publishing approvals, 24/7 priority support
  5. Enterprise: Contact for pricing, custom plans


  • Hootsuite’s calendar layout gives an instant overview of published and scheduled content across all networks
  • Internal performance metrics and analytics including offering several useful reports in different graphical forms
  • Supports a wide range of social media networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube
  • Free 30-day trial


  • Most powerful features and analytics reserved for enterprise plans
  • Plans become increasingly expensive


Planoly is a good option for those who want a comprehensive tool for planning your Instagram grid. The platform allows you to schedule social media posts for both Instagram and Pinterest, but also has the option to automatically post Instagram feed posts to Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Free: This includes 2 social profiles, 30 uploads per month per profile, 1 user
  2. Solo: From $9 per month this includes 2 social profiles, unlimited uploads for one profile, 30 uploads per month for the other profile, 1 user
  3. Duo: From $19 per month this includes 2 social profiles per month, unlimited uploads on both profiles, 2 users
  4. Custom: From $29 per month this includes custom social profiles, unlimited uploads for all profiles, custom user amount - this is best for those managing multiple business social media accounts

It is worth noting that there is a discount on plan prices if billed yearly.


  • Allows upload and schedule of a variety of posts that other scheduling tools do not offer, including single images, carousels, videos, Instagram story slides, and Pinterest pins
  • Allows you to see exactly how your Instagram grid will look with scheduled content
  • Detailed analytics provided with each account


  • Instagram and Pinterest oriented – not suited to those wanting to manage all social media networks in one place

Remember that there are plenty of scheduling tools out there. It is well worth putting in the time to do some research on what tools are available to you but hopefully this has given you a good head-start!

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