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What's to come from Mooshki

This year isn’t yet over but we’re already looking ahead to collections that the designer pack will be unveiling for the 2017 (yes that’s right!!) season.

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We spoke to Vikki McCarthy from Mooshki to find out what she has in store for White Gallery next May.

“As the bridal industry trends are leaning more and more towards the soft and floaty gowns or figure hugging stretch fabrics, we at Mooshki stand firm in what we believe in. Known for our figure enhancing corsets coupled with big 50s skirts and detachable trains we know not every bride can wear the styles trending today and of course… we do love a bit of rebellion at Mooshki!

“Stepping away from the trends and believing strongly in timeless elegance and classics silhouettes of the 50s and 60s, 2017 sees Mooshki doing what we do best. Alongside our cutie pie tea length gowns and defining pencil dresses with detachable trains we are making a big feature of our sumptuous 1950s ball gowns. Big bold statement pieces that will most certainly give the WOW factor. Accessorising our gowns with either a simple thin belt and bow or going full on rebel with our new satin buckle belts, there really is something for every bride, from classic and romantic to rebellious and fun.

Across the 2017 collection you will see layers upon layers of tulle, soft pastel colours and a contrast of soft and heavy laces. Classic and romantic with a whimsical air.”

Want to hear more from Mooshki? You can find the label’s contact details on our Brands Directory.

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