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See Paolo Sebastian's Once Upon a Dream Disney-Inspired Collection

Disney fans will fall in love with these enchanting, Disney-inspired wedding dresses by Paolo Sebastian - browse the full collection in the gallery below.

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Tea-length gown with floral embroidery and tulle shirt

Tulle tea-length gown with underwater scene embroidery featuring lyrics from The Little Mermaid’s, ‘Part of Your World’

Silk chiffon asymmetrical gown sun ray embroidery and cape

Tulle ball gown with wave embroidery

Collared shirt dress in silk cotton featuring apple cut work embroidery and passages from Snow White. “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all”

Caped play dress with floral embroidery

Tea-length tulle gown with floral embroidery and wing sleeves

Tulle caped gown featuring wind and leaf embroidery and the lyrics of Pocahontas’, ‘Colours of the Wind’

Tea-length tulle gown featuring floral and branch embroidery and the lyrics of Sleeping Beauty’s, ‘I Wonder’.

Tulle sleeved tea-length gown with organza paneling, featuring woodland embroidery and the lyrics of Sleeping Beauty’s, ‘Once Upon A Dream’.

Tulle sleeved gown with forest scene and deer embroidery.

Bishop sleeved ballerina dress featuring floral and nightingale embroidery and the lyrics of Cinderella’s, ‘Sing Sweet Nightingale’

Tulle sleeved gown with nightingale embroidery and the lyrics of Sleeping Beauty’s, ‘Gift of Song’

Caped gown with starlight embroidery, featuring a passage from Pinocchio. “Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight.”

Collared gown with ruffle detail and lattice embroidery

Tulle gown with forget-me-not beading and floor-length sleeves

Pleated ball gown with floral beading and embroidery

Degradé side-skirt gown with illusion neckline

Tulle ball gown with 3D floral embroidery

Tulle ball gown with fairy dust inspired beadwork, featuring the lyrics of Cinderella’s, ‘So This is Love’.

Beaded ball gown with clock work embroidery inspired by the stroke of midnight

Tulle gown with storm embroidery and beadwork, featuring moon, clouds and lightening

Caped jumpsuit with arrow and branch beadwork

Tulle ballerina dress featuring poison apple embroidery

Caped tulle gown featuring raven and thorn embroidery

Cape sleeved gown with black star beadwork

Structured crinoline gown with starlight embroidery, featuring the lyrics of Aladdin’s, ‘A Whole New World’

Tulle caped gown inspired by the Kiss of True Love, featuring heart and crown embroidery and passages from Sleeping Beauty

Sleeved fishtail gown with 3D rose and thorn embroidery

Tulle ball gown with 3D rose and thorn embroidery, featuring the lyrics of Beauty and the Beast’s, ‘Tale as Old as Time’

Sleeved gown with nightingale and cloud cut work embroidery

Fishtail gown with floral embroidery and overskirt

Pleated ball gown with floral and bluebird embroidery featuring the lyrics of Cinderella’s, ‘A Dream is a Wish’. ‘Happily Ever After’ beaded veil.

Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 01 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 02 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 03 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 04 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 05 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 06 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 07 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 08 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 09 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 10 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 11 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 12 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 13 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 14 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 15 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 16 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 17 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 18 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 19 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 20 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 21 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 22 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 23 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 24 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 25 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 26 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 27 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 28 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 29 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 30 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 31 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 33 Paolo Sebastian S/S18 - 34

This beautiful collection by Australian bridalwear brand Paolo Sebastian pays homage to the stories and characters that have enchanted generations.

The Once Upon a Dream – A Disney Inspired Collection re-envisions the iconic fairytales and brings them to life through expertly crafted couture designs.

The collection follows the classic narrative – the triumph of good over evil, telling the story of a heroine on a quest for happiness whilst being challenged by a wicked evil. But in true Disney style, where there is darkness, there is light and strength, bravery and goodness prevail to lead to a happy ever after.

“Disney has always been a source of inspiration to me,” reveals Paolo Sebastian designer Paul Vasileff. “Growing up, I was enthralled by the magic of transformation that the stories offered.

“To have Disney entrust me with telling their stories through couture is an absolute dream come true.”

The collection features iconic songs from Disney classics, represented through creative embroideries. The fabrics used include sumptuous French tulle and silk chiffon and shades of pretty rose, petal pink, bewitching ebony and iridescent starlight. They are adorned with hand-sewn scenes of woodlands, flowers, birds and even clock motifs – for the stroke of midnight.

Paul Vasileff has had quite the year – he was named Young Australian of the Year and showed during Paris Couture Fashion week, but it’s nothing new to the bright young designer. He established the Paolo Sebastian brand in 2007 at the age of 17 and has dressed numerous A-listers, including Kim Kardashian, Dannii Minogue and Kris Jenner.

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