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Create Memories: Fragrance Your Boutique

Take your brides on a journey they won’t ever forget with the luxurious yet affordable Connock London fragrances

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More and more consumers are seeking that buying experience when they’re out shopping. Buying your wedding dress or suit should be one of the most memorable shopping moments someone will ever have. One thing boutiques can offer that high street shops lack is this personal experience. For this reason, so many retailers aim to make their boutique extra special to ensure their brides have a memorable experience with them.

Scientists have proven that familiar smells are incredibly powerful at triggering emotional memories, sometimes even unlocking otherwise forgotten times. For retailers aiming to create these memorable buying experiences for their brides, why not scent your boutique with a scented candle, diffuser or room mist?

Connock London, founded by Amanda Connock in 2010, offers unique and exotic scented candles, diffusers and room mists, made from natural, hand sought ingredients from across the globe.

Amanda’s personal favourite scent is the kukui nut oil, a rare and nourishing oil found on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The Connock London Kukui Oil Candles and Diffusers are infused with exotic, sensual Hawaiian flowers, releasing a smell that truly takes you on a journey to a faraway land.

The Connock London high-quality Linin Mist can be used directly onto materials or to fragrance the air. The romantic blend of gardenia and jasmine, combined with a woody, sultry base creates a strong and completely unique scent. The lack of femininity in this fragrance makes it perfect for both bridal boutiques and those stocking menswear. Boutiques can also stock these room fragrances and upsell them to the brides/grooms so they can be reminded of their magical buying experience.

This award winning British brand also offers the Kukui Oil fragrance in an Eau de Parfum, giving brides and grooms the perfect opportunity to fragrance their entire wedding experience. The couple can wear Kukui Oil on their wedding day and thereafter to bring back memories of their happiest days.

For further information, visit the Connock London website here.

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