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Q&A with Jesús Peiró

Jesús Peiró was founded 28 years ago when there was a niche in the market for gowns that would break classic concepts. Today, the company is at the top of its game, offering beautiful designs to the high-end market. We ask the design talent, Merche Segarra what has allowed this company to go from strength to strength

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How was the company formed?

Right from the beginning our label has always been devoted to the bridal world, and it developed from a time when bridal was lacking a fashion-forward touch. Today, one of the founders, Jesús Diez Betriu, owns the entire company.

Where is the company based?

In the town of Viladecans, near Barcelona. The design department is an extremely important part of the company and where all of the collections are created. As for the production, it’s carried out at external ateliers.

Do you design every model or is there a team working for you?

I design every dress, but the finished product is very much team work. The design department contributes ideas, which provide valuable and decisive market research results. As far as the technical department is concerned, they are there to solve any problems that may arise in relation to the concept of a design. On many occasions they add modifications which improve the original idea. The fact is there are a lot of people involved in making a single dress!

How many labels are there under the Jesús Peiró brand?

Jesús Peiró is the only label under Intersposa SA. We develop a yearly collection of 80 wedding dresses and, in addition to wedding gowns, we produce veils, shoes and accessories. We design these collections every year, and are exclusively devoted to bridal.

What have been the most significant trends in recent seasons?

There’s definitely a trend towards the softer dress. The use of sleeves is also important as well as the tattoo-effect with lace, low back necklines and illusion backs. The return of the princess bridal gown is particularly significant, but it comes with a fresh twist. An important step forward is the concept of the two-piece dress and the more evident presence of colour, in the detailing of accessories as well as in the introduction of soft vintage tones. Bridal fashion is evolving much faster now than it used to. Today’s bride is dynamic and demanding and this is good for the industry because it forces us to keep innovating.

How do you support your stockists?

In addition to offering them one of the newest and most varied collections on the market, we also offer a very specific after-sales service. We provide wide areas of exclusivity so they can work confidently with our brand. We don’t want to become a mass market label; our philosophy is to sell through a few hand-picked retailers but in every market around the world. We also make sure our stockists can work confidently when they sell any of our products. In addition to providing modern and contemporary designs, we agree to any changes to our patterns, too. We always work to measure, and since we manufacture everything in Spain, we can give a fast service to those brides who make a last-minute decision to purchase.

Where does inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from the observation of the previous collection and then trying to incorporate different features and different ideas. We also follow fashion trends for the Jesús Peiró woman. She is our inspiration.


The latest collection is delicate and feminine with soft light textures and a touch of colour, and at White Gallery London, visitors will see all the newest styles. Known for its clean lines, impeccable tailoring and innovation, Jesus Peiro will be bringing gorgeously romantic pieces to the mix. The new collection will be infused with subtle features and will include plenty of transparent sleeves and backs, as well as emphasised waistlines.

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